Commander Shepard


Main Playable Character
Race Human

Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 2 is the main protagonist and playable character of the game. The preset character model for the quickstart is a male (default) Alliance Military Soldier named John, with the Earthborn/Sole Survivor profile. Shepard is classified N7 by the Human Alliance Military, being the hardest and best training for a Human soldier.

Shepard can be a male or female, default named John or Jane depending on the chosen gender although the character doesn’t have an official first name. That only affects who will be in the romance subplot of the game. The player can customize the first name, which is never spoken aloud in the game, to their pleasure, while the last name cannot be altered for purposes of dialogue. 


Commander Shepard Information

Shepard was born on April 11th 2154 and is a graduate of the N7 System Alliance Special Forces Program. After graduation, Shepard was assigned to the SSV Normandy as an Executive Officer. 

As Commander Shepard of the Systems Alliance Military, aboard the spacecraft Normandy, you represent humanity’s first and last line of defense against the strange wonders of a vast and often dangerous galaxy.


Commander Shepard Reconstruction

After the Citadel was attacked, Commander Shepard and his crew were ordered to search for the remaining Geth Enemies. During the Missions, The Normandy got under attack and destroyed. Shepard was thrown into space with his hardsuit damaged, for which he apparently suffocated to death. Cerberus then recruited Liara to retrieve Shepard's body and created The Lazarus Project to resurrect Shepard back from the dead using cybernetic implants.

After two years, Shepard was revived, although the process was not yet fully completed, so you can see scars on Shepard's face. These scars are the result of cybernetic implants, and can be healed by earning Paragon points, though making decisions that grants Renegade points will make the scars more noticeable.

There is an upgrade that allows you to avoid the impact of your decisions on Shepard's scars. Doctor Chakwas explains that by upgrading the Normandy Medical Bay, Shepard can undergo surgery to permanently heal the scars, so the appearance will no longer be affected by moral decisions, or he can also use the upgrade to go to the Medical Bay at any time to heal the scars, regardless of the moral decisions you have made. 


Commander Shepard Background

Pre-service History represents the first of many choices that affect how characters will react to you during gameplay. Also, gives you a Morality System bonus, depending on your selection. This is not just a text you'll never see again; your choices here affect the storyline by accessing exclusive assignments (side quests) and Shepard's dialogues with various NPCs during the career.

You can customize your character’s early history choosing between: 

Psychological Profile opens up different dialogue options during gameplay and affects the character's morality. The Psychological profile makes up the second part of your agent's background. Each background choice comes with certain bonuses that directly affect your desired style of play. Your choice affects dialogue during the story and assignments made available at certain points of your career. 

You can customize your character’s early Psychological Profile in Character Creation choosing between

Depending on your Background your character will have starting Paragon and Renegade Points:

Starting Point
Spacer - War Hero 20 Paragon points
Colonist - War Hero 15 Paragon points
Earthborn - War Hero 10 Paragon points
Spacer  - Sole Survivor 15 Paragon and 5 Renegade points
Colonist - Sole Survivor 10 Paragon and 10 Renegade points
Earthborn - Sole Survivor 5 Paragon and 15 Renegade points
Spacer - Ruthless 10 Renegade points
Colonist - Ruthless 15 Renegade points
Earthborn - Ruthless 20 Renegade points



Commander Shepard Classes and Specializations

There are six base classes, with variable strength in up to three areas for the player and two squad members. Some classes concentrate all their strength in one skill area; others divide it between two areas to balance tactics. Combat skills deal maximum damage to enemies. Tech skills allow decrypting security systems and weakening enemy weapons. Biotic skills enable brain impulses to manipulate the physical world.



Military Specialization Rating

Combat Rating
Tech  Rating
Biotic Rating
Soldier Exceptional Poor Poor
Engineer Poor Exceptional Poor
Adept Poor Poor Exceptional
Infiltrator Good Good Poor
Sentinel Poor Good Good
Vanguard Good Poor Good



Commander Shepard Notes & Tips

  • The character was named after Alan Shepard, the second person and first American to travel to space.
  • Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale provided the voices for the male and female Shepard.
  • His male default face is modelled after model Mark Vanderloo.


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