Loyalty Powers in Mass Effect 2 are a set of  abilities that can be acquired by completing Loyalty Missions. Each one of the 14 Loyalty Mission unlocks a unique Loyalty Power for each member of the Squad. As you level up, you acquire Squad Points that you can spend to improve these aspects of your character. The Powers available to you and your squad are determined by the Class selected in Character Creation.

Power Levels

Except for Unity Power, all other powers can be leveled up to 4 ranks for a total cost of 10 squad points. Regardless of the upgradeable power, each level rank requires the same points as the rank:

  • Power Rank 1: Requires 1 Squad Point
  • Power Rank 2: Requires 2 Squad Points
  • Power Rank 3: Requires 3 Squad Points
  • Power Rank 4: Requires 4 Squad Points

Once a Power is upgraded to Rank 4, players need to choose between two final evolutions of that Power. Once you have chosen an evolution, you can not change it back.

Can Shepard use Loyalty Powers?

Yes, Commander Shepard can also use Loyalty Powers. Once Loyalty Powers are unlocked, then Sheppard can learn one of them during your playthrough by using the Advanced Training Research Upgrade.

Furthermore, if you replay Mass Effect 2, when creating a New Character or importing one from Mass Effect 1, then you will be asked to choose one of the Loyalty Powers unlocked during your previous playthroughs.

How to obtain Loyalty Powers?

Loyalty Powers can be acquired by completing Loyalty Missions. There a total of 14 Loyalty Quests, and completing each of them will unlock a power for the squad member involved. Please visit our Loyalty Missions page for more information


All Loyalty Powers in Mass Effect 2


armor piercing ammo power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px
Armor Piercing Ammo

Available to Garrus Vakarian and Command Shepard, it allows using Piercing Ammo and increases Weapon Damage.

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Tungsten Ammo: Increases done by Armor Piercing Ammo
  • Squad Armor Piercing Ammo: Allows all squad members to use Armor Piercing Ammo

barrier power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px

Available to Jacob Taylor and Commander Shepard, it creates an energy field that protects the user from harm

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Heavy Barrier: Greatly increases Shields, protecting the user even from Heavy Weapons attacks.
  • Improved Barrier: Increases the duration of Barrier

dominate power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px

Available to Morinth and Commander Shepard, it turns organic enemies into your allies

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Enhanced Dominate: Increases Dominate duration on a single enemy
  • Group Dominate: Increases the radius of Dominate's hitting area.

energy drain power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px
Energy Drain

Available to Tali'Zorah vas Neema  and Commander Shepard, it harms shields and removes power from enemies barriers and transfer it to the user 

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Heavy Energy Drain: Greatly increases the power of Energy Drain
  • Area Drain: Increases the radius of Energy Drain, affecting multiple enemies


flashbang grenade power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px
Flashbang Grenade

Available to Kasumi Goto and Commander Shepard, it can be used to throw a grenade and temporarily disorient and incapacitate enemies, while dealing low damage. 

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Frag Grenade: Adds metal shards that increase damage dealt to enemies when it explodes.
  • Improved Flashbang Grenade: Increases the area in which the grenade takes effect and also the time that enemies are incapacitated

fortification power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px

Available to Grunt and Commander Shepard, it boosts the user's Armor 

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Improved Fortification: Increases the duration of Fortification
  • Heavy Fortification: Grants an extra bonus to Armor protection

geth shield boost power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px
Geth Shield Boost

Available to Legion and Commander Shepard, it improves the user's Shields

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Heavy Geth Shield Boost: Increases the protection of the user's Shields absorbing impacts from Heavy Weapons too.
  • Improved Geth Shield Boost: Increases user's Weapon Damage

inferno grenade power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px
Inferno Grenade

Available to Zaeed Massani and Commander Shepard, it can be used to throw a grenade that explodes on impact and spread shards to all direction dealing fire damage. Effective against Armor protection.

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Heavy Inferno Grenade: Increases the fire damage dealt when it explodes
  • Inferno Blast Grenade: Increases the radius and the damage. 


neural shock power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px
Neural Shock

Available to Mordin Solus and Commander Shepard, it neutralizes organic enemies for a shortly period of time

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Heavy Neural Shock: Performs multiple chain shock strikes that leave the enemy completely neutralized.
  • Neural Shockwave: Increases the radius of Neural Shock

reave power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px

Available to Samara and Commander Shepard, it damages enemies' nervous and synthetic system to prevent healing. Besides restores health and grants a Health Bonus if used against organic enemies. Besides, Reave deals double damage to armor and barriers

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Heavy Reave: Increases the duration and damage of Reave
  • Area Reave: Increases the radius of Reave affecting multiple enemies

shredder ammo power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px
Shredder Ammo

Available to Thane Krios and Commander Shepard, it greatly harms organic enemies and those without Shields or Barriers. Shredder Ammo grants the highest Weapon Damage Bonus

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Improved Shredder Ammo: Increases Health Damage
  • Squad Shredder Ammo: Allows all squad members to use Shredder Ammo

slam power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px

Available to Miranda Lawson and Commander Shepard, it lifts enemies and slams them to the ground dealing damage.

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Heavy slam: Increases the Slam Force and the damage dealt.
  • Crippling Slam: Incapacitate enemies by hitting their vulnerable spots.


stasis power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px

Available to Liara T'Soni and Commander Shepard, it immobilizes an enemy, but it becomes immune to any damage during the effect

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Deep Stasis: Increases the duration enemies remain immobilized.
  • Enhanced Stasis: Increases the power of Stasis, so enemies are less resistance to its effects, and they become immune to damage more slowly

warp ammo power mass effect2 wiki guide 51px
Warp Ammo

Available to Jack and Commander Shepard, it vastly increases damage dealt to barriers, armor, and health when penetrating Biotic Barriers. When an enemy is affected by Biotic Powers, Warp Ammo deals double damage.

Rank 4 evolutions:

  • Heavy Warp Ammo: Increases even more the damage dealt by Warp Ammo.
  • Squad Warp Ammo: Allows all squad members to use Warp Ammo

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