New Game Plus in Mass Effect 2 is used to restart the story after completing the full playthrough of the game, but all Mass Effect 2 characters will gain certain bonuses and the player will have some new advantages in the new game compared from the very first gameplay. The New Game Plus gives the choice to utilize a similar mechanic as Mass Effect Transfer File because it also works with save files where the player can import existing Mass Effect 2 characters or create new ones.


New Game Plus Information

How to Unlock New Game Plus?

After completing the full playthrough of Mass Effect 2, players have the choice to start the game again with a new character or by using the completed game save file (by importing it) to use the existing character. Just like importing from Mass Effect 1. When clicking on "New Game" there will be an option to "Import ME2 Character.". If save files are stored on a different device, it is recommended to transfer the file using the same methods as for Mass Effect 1, for more detail check the Mass Effect Trasnfer File Guide for different methods for each platform to transfer.

What carries over to New Game Plus?

By importing a completed Mass Effect 2 save file, existing characters will keep their Weapons and Armor Pieces but to access them they'll be able to do it after boarding the Normandy SR-2, they will also keep the level they had at the end of the game but it's not posible to change the characters' Class or weapon specialization chosen on the Collector Ship mission of the first playthrough.

What doesn't carry over to New Game Plus?

The Paragon/Renegade scores will reset, and always start from zero by using the New Game Plus, even if the first playthrough started from a Mass Effect 1 import.

What are the bonuses in New Game Plus?

The player can choose one of the Loyalty Powers previously unlocked (in the past playthrough by earning the loyalty of a squad member) as a bonus power.

Starting a New Game Plus will also give the characters, new or existing, the following bonuses:


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    • Anonymous

      So, for the Ultimate Edition, patch 1.0.3 made it so you only carry over with one-hundred thousand credits in NG+.

      Also please take note that while you get +500 extra fuel and +30 probes it does not mean that you keep the same benefits you get for Samara and Thane’s upgrade options. You just start out with 1,500/1000 fuel and 60/30 probes. Once you go under the surplus you need to reacquire the upgrades during act 2.

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