Walkthrough for Mass Effect 2 encompasses a comprehensive guide that focuses on helping players get past all the Locations or areas, as well as information on Bosses, NPCs and Equipment that can be encountered along the way.

  • If you need help with the basics, refer to New Player Help, that includes a full beginner guide.
  • If you need help with enemy strategy, see Bosses and Enemies
  • See Lore to understand the story of the game.


Missions Order

Given the nature of Mass Effect 2, there are a few times during the game that you have to follow an established route or order to complete Missions. For example, Dossiers can be completed in any order you want.

Missions here are listed in chronological order as you acquire them, but you don't always need to tackle them in the order presented.

Stop the Collectors

Stop the Collectors is the overarching Mission during the whole game, and as such it is updated with different objectives many times during the course of Mass Effect 2. Although it is only ONE Mission, we have decided to present its sections as stand-alone subdivisions of it to make it easier to find the wide parts it encompasses.

Mass Effect 2 Full Walkthrough


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