Stats in Mass Effect 2 are special conditions that apply to the player character, and sometime Enemies. Not all Mass Effect 2 Stats are detrimental to the player, with some being instead the result of Buffs or other beneficial states. You can find how to cure damaging status effects below.


All Stats in Mass Effect 2

Offensive Stats
Defensive Stats


Offensive Stats

Offensive Stats provide useful information on the current offensive stats of the character, such as Damage, Effect Radius, Etc


Weapon Damage

Damage is the amount of damage inflicted on a target. First on its shields, and then its health (Minus their Damage Protection on a successful hit).

Power Damage

It is the amount of damage inflicted on a target with your Powers.


This attribute controls the size of the aim and the time it takes to stabilize after zooming. Crouching doubles the base accuracy of a weapon.


Storm Speed

Is the ability to sprint. You can only sprint for a short period of time. Soldier's Passive Class Power features a Storm Speed Bonus, slowing time down around Shepard.

Power Recharge Time

Is the amount of time it takes for a Power to be available again.


Boosts your Paragon/Renegade score

Defensive Stats

Defensive Stats provide useful information on the current defensive stats of the characters, such as Shields, Health, etc


Damage Resistance

Reduces incoming damage from all sources.


Shields are rechargeable defensive protections that prevent you from suffering damage.

Tech Biotic Resistance

It reduces incoming Tech or Biotic Damage from all sources.



The amount of Damage a character can endure before dying. 

Health Regeneration per Second

The amount of Health you recover per second.

Shield Regeneration Rate

Determines how fast Shields become active again after being destroyed

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