Locations in Mass Effect 2 are the areas the players explore during their journey. Mass Effect 2 takes place in the Milky Way but can take Commander Shepard all along the galaxy, exploring clusters, planets, space stations or starships.

The Galaxy Map

In order to travel through the Mass Effect 2 universe, you can access to the Galaxy Map on both the SSV Normandy and Normandy SR-2. It is located behind the ship cabin. 

Once you decided a destiny, you set course to a Cluster, inside each cluster you can find a different number of systems, and within each system you will find mostly planets, but also asteroids or drifting ships. You can't land on every planet available, sometimes you can only survey them to obtain resources.

Below you can find all the available locations in Mass Effect 2 grouped first by Cluster, then by System and finally each planet

Exploring and Scanning Planets

In Mass Effect 2, the Mako is no longer available. Instead, scanning is introduced so that when you enter the orbit of any planet not involved in the main story, you can now scan the planet for resources. Once you have successfully scanned the planet and found minerals, you can collect them using a probe.


All Mass Effect 2 Locations



Caleston Rift

Crescent Nebula

Eagle Nebula



Far Rim

Hades Nexus

Hawking Eta


Derelict Reaper (Satellite) ♦ LetheMnemosyne

Hourglass Nebula

Ismar Frontier

Krogan DMZ







Local Cluster




Minos Wasteland

Nubian Expanse

Omega Nebula

Pylos Nebula

Rosetta Nebula

Serpent Nebula

Shadow Sea


Sigurd's Cradle

The Phoenix Massing

Valhallan Threshold

Viper Nebula



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