Armor in Mass Effect 2 protects characters from all damage. When you begin your mission, you are given standard-issue Cerberus Assault Armor. While it's effective in battle, there are better pieces of armor you can acquire while traveling across the galaxy.

Each piece of Armor, such as a Helmet or Gauntlets, offers a special benefit. These benefits include special protection from incoming fire, increased accuracy for head shots, or extra health. The effects of the armor are only available when that piece of armor is in use. You may not stack multiple pieces of armor in the same category; for example, you cannot wear two chest plates at the same time.

Armor in Mass Effect 2 are divided into five categories which are Helmets, Chest Armor, Shoulders Armor, Arms Armor, and Legs Armor.


Armor Sets

The N7 Armor can be customized or swapped out for any of the other armor sets available in the game. There are seven types of Armor Sets: Blood Dragon Armor, Terminus Assault Armor, Collector Armor, Inferno Armor, Cerberus Assault Armor or Kestrel Armor, which are available as downloadable content.

Armor Squad Members

You Can only buy Armor for Commander Shepard. You do not need to purchase Armor for your squad. Armor pieces can be used by any class.

Use the locker in your private quarters aboard the Normandy to change out your Armor after acquiring new pieces.

Armor Upgrades 

Armor can be improved by adding mods from the Equipment menu. Each gear has a specific number of upgrades slots depending on its sophistication level. All Armor Upgrades grant a Primary Base Effect and Bonus, and players can also find Armor Upgrades that grant up to 3 Effects and Bonuses.

Please visit Armor Upgrades for more information



All Armor Sets In Mass Effect 2



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