M-490 Blackstorm

Wegner Arms

M-490 Blackstorm
Weapon Type Heavy Weapon
Related Powers N/A
Armor Very Effective
Barrier Very Effective
Shield Very Effective

M-490 Blackstorm is a Heavy Weapon in Mass Effect 2.  M-490 Blackstorm is manufactured by Wegner Arms. Heavy Weapons delivers incredible firepower, but ammo is very limited. You must constantly seek out power cells to replenish heavy weapons.


The Blackstorm, colloquially called the "black hole gun," encases particles of matter within a high-powered mass-increasing field, elevating them to near-infinite mass. This creates a gravitational singularity that draws nearby enemies and objects inward for a short time. The rapidly-increasing gravity near the singularity's event horizon rips the objects apart. The mass effect field soon destabilizes and returns to normal mass, with explosive results.


M-490 Blackstorm Information

M-490 Blackstorm consume power cells that can be found during the Missions. The Power cells is the only way to regain heavy weapon ammunition, unlike the ammunition for the other standard weapons types which is refilled automatically between Missions.


  • Manufactured by Wegner Arms
  • Type: Heavy Weapon
  • Related Powers: N/A
  • Accuracy: Unknown
  • Recoil: Unknown
  • Fire Mode: Single-Shot
  • Power Cell Capacity: 5


M-490 Blackstorm Location

The M-490 Blackstorm is included in the Terminus Weapon and Armor downloadable content DLC.


M-490 Blackstorm Availability

Can be used by all Classes.


M-490 Blackstorm Available Upgrades


M-490 Blackstorm Tips & Notes

  • The M-490 Blackstorm does not cause any type of damage to you or your squad members regardless of difficulty setting allowing it to be fired at point blank range safely.
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