Collector Base: Infiltration is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Collector Base: Infiltration is the first part of the assault on the Collector Base. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.



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Full Collector Base: Infiltration Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You will obtain this Mission once you have managed to crash-landed on the Collector's base.

The whole crew gathers in the Normandy's briefing room, while EDI projects a scan of the base. It states that its weak spot is likely located in the main control center. It also states that there is the most likely location of the abducted Normandy crew and any remaining colonists. You now need to select a tech specialist to pass through a thermal vent in order to the two squads through to the next area.


Ideal Choices: Legion, Tali or Kasumi (If their Loyalty Mission, haven't been completed, whoever you choose will die)

Once the first choice is made, you have to select a leader for the second squad. Miranda Lawson will volunteer to be that person, but you can choose someone else.

Ideal Choices: Garrus, Miranda Lawson, or Jacob Taylor. (If their Loyalty Mission, haven't been completed, whoever you choose will die)

After you finish organizing roles, you have the opportunity to make a rousing speech, and then, select your own squad from the remaining members. You will face wave after wave of Collectors, with many guest appearances by Harbinger, but not only that, you will be under time pressure to advance quickly enough to keep your specialist alive

So, dealing with the Collectors as quickly as possible is a more important than ever. If you are ready, the team then disembarks and enters the station

Now is the best time to make a manual save before it becomes impossible to manually save once the time pressure part begings.

At the start of all three major segments of the Collector Base mission, including this one, your medi-gel and Heavy Weapon ammo are given a complete refill.

You won't find Collectors in the initial area, but once you reach a fork in the road, the Collectors enter the scene. Take cover and prepare to engage. The Enemies will fly from the left open area. Your tech specialist will inform you that there are obstructions preventing you from advancing further. To remove then, you have to press green buttons found throughout the level.

After you remove the first one, a bar will appear in the lower right of the screen. This bar represents how much time the tech specialist has, and if it runs out the Mission ends in a critical failure.

If you manage to reach a gate control with plenty of time to spare, but there are Enemies about, don't activate the gate control yet. Activating the gate control retest the full length of the next timer no matter how low you've let the bar drop, you'll be gaining extra time. 

Also note that, activating each successive gate also replenishes most of your normal weapon ammo, so this is something to keep in mind when going for the activation.

The next two valves are guarded by two sets of three Collectors, one of which will always be immediately possessed by Harbinger.

Once you activate the fourth gate move fast and you will emerge onto more platforms. More Collectors will join the fight. Take out the Collectors and move to activate the fifth gate. The sixth gate is down the hall and luckily, it requires no fighting. This is the last autosave of this segment.

You will find three  Collectors around the corner, try to take them out quickly while they are clustered, and head into the final room. 

Now there are two gates, a time limit, and two waves of Collector Drones, Collector Assassins and Harbinger between you and finishing this mission.

The two heat exchangers are very near each other. If you are able to distract the Enemies or suppress their fire well enough to simply run straight to the gate controls, do so. The Infiltrator with Tactical Cloak has an easy time of this.

From the point of entry the seventh heat exchanger is right in front of you. The eighth and final heat exchanger can be accessed through two ways  from the seventh valve. The left path or the middle path. The middle path is much more exposed and there isn't as much cover available as in the left one.

However, if you want to take out all the Enemies out go right ahead. If you are having problems taking out the Collectors then you can leave your specialist hanging until the last minute – take cover next to the seventh heat exchanger and keep shooting as long as the timer allows.

Once the final gate is open, regardless of any remaining Enemies (or any other unopened gates) the mission ends.

The diversion team charges into the safe area and attempts to hold their ground while the tech specialist opens the door to let your main squad in. Once Commander Shepard's squad gets in, the specialist attempts to close the door again.

If you chose an ideal specialist, the door closes successfully. If not, the specialist manages to close the door, but that will be the last action performed for the team because he/she/it will die. Also, if you chose a non-ideal second fire team leader, the specialist will still be shot, even if loyal and ideal.

The room you enter holds giant tubes and a disturbing secret.



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