Prologue: Awakening is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Prologue: Awakening is the second Mission of the game. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.



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Full Prologue: Awakening Walkthrough

After a cutscene that shows you a medical team working on your body in an attempt to bring you back to life, you will be woken up by Miranda Lawson. The facility has been attacked and you have to evacuate. This Mission serves as a tutorial of sorts, introducing you to the combat mechanics and the new reality Commander Shepard is in.

Miranda Lawson tells you to walk to the locker to obtain an M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol and your Armor. After that, she commands you to take cover. A door in front of you will blow up, so you can now exit the room. Grab the thermal clip on the floor, past the blown up door and reload your Weapon, to unlock the next door.

Miranda tells you to vault over a low obstacle. You will see a single LOKI Mech arriving from the stairway. It's not a difficult Enemy to face, but take cover if needed to take it out. You can collect more thermal clips from the room if you so desire, and then head upstairs. A radio warning will tell you that more Mechs are incoming. This fight is a little harder than the previous, so it is advised to take cover and try to take them down one at a time.

Keep moving forward after the fight, you will see a heavy YMIR Mech gunning down people through a window to your left. Don't stop and keep moving, eventually you will find an M-100 Grenade Launcher. Miranda Lawson communicates with you again, advising you to use your new Weapon against the incoming group of LOKI Mechs.

She directs you to the elevator, which will lift you as soon as you step on it. You will have to run through a fire obstacle created from your Weapon's explosion. Your communication with Miranda starts to fall apart. Ahead of you there is a room that contains computers where you can access recordings by Miranda Lawson and Dr. Wilson, about the Lazarus Project

You can find a wall safe in this room, from which you can obtain 975 Credits. This is the first time you do it, so the Bypass Mini-game has infinite tries to learn how it works. Climb some stairs and you will find another one of Wilson's recordings. 

Head into the next room to meet Jacob Taylor on a bridge area. He's fighting a group of Mechs by himself on the other side of the bridge. He tells you he is on your side, you can earn some Morality Points by talking to him. He asks for your help taking down the Mechs, promising more information if you do so. He is a Biotic, so here you learn how to use Pull. If you don't do that, Enemies will respawn endlessly until you use Pull. If your Commander Shepard is a Vanguard or an Adept you can use your own Pull ability to advance this part.

After the fight, Jacob Taylor will strike a conversation with you and you can understand a little more about where you are and what happened to the Normandy two years earlier. Once you are finished talking, Dr. Wilson contacts Jacob Taylor, and gives both of you directions to reach him.

While heading towards Dr. Wilson, you will encounter additional Mechs to face. You will find another computer that has another video recording of Miranda  in a side room. Once you enter the next room, you will find Dr. Wilson. He is lying on the floor, apparently with one wounded leg. You will be asked to retrieve Medi-Gel located in a medical station on a nearby wall. Once you grab it, use Unity to heal him and he will join your squad.

After a short conversation, another group of Mechs will enter the room. This time you are prompted to use Overload on the explosive crates to progress. As was the case when Jacob  "taught" you to use Pull, the crates can only be exploded by using Overload

Jacob Taylor reveals you that the Lazarus Project is a Cerberus operation. Again, you can earn Morality Points depending on your choices. 

In the following room, while heading to the shuttle bay, you can find a datapad on a corpse and if you hack it you can obtain 900 Credits. Here you will learning about the Hacking mini-game, and as was the case with the Bypassing Mini-Game, you have unlimited tries. Head downstairs and then take the corridor to reach a large shipping area, with more crates and mechs. Once defeated, head to the upper left part to find a small room with another computer, that has another log recording by Miranda Lawson, another datapad that can be hacked for 975 credits and finally, a wall safe that can be bypassed for 900 credits.

Opposite to the upper platform you will find a small room. As Dr. Wilson opens the door, Miranda is already standing on the other side, and almost immediately shoots him. She explains that he was a traitor. He was the one responsible for hacking the mechs and endangered the whole project. If you press her for more information, you can get Morality points. 

The three of you leave the station, Miranda Lawson will ask you questions about your past. (Regarding some events in Mass Effect). If you choose "We're done here!" you will end the questioning. If you imported your save from the previous game, they will ask whom you chose to join the Council between Captain Anderson or Ambassador Udina.

Once you reach your destination, in this station you can talk to the Illusive Man. Head to the communications room, to hear what the Illusive Man has to say. He tells you that entire human colonies have been disappearing and he points directly at the Reapers. At the end of the conversation, he will suggest you to investigate Freedom's Progress, the latest colony to go missing. Depending on what you say to him, you may earn Morality Points. 

Return to the waiting room. Here you can talk to Miranda or Jacob to earn some more Morality Points, and when you are ready, take the door out of the entrance to end the Mission.



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