Prologue: Save Joker is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Prologue: Save Joker is the first Mission of Mass Effect 2. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries surrounding the Reapers.



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Full Prologue: Save Joker Walkthrough

Getting Started

You get this Mission after importing your character from Mass Effect, or creating a new one from scratch. If you are creating a new Commander Shepard, you won't be able to edit anything about it after this prologue.


The first scene revolves around Miranda Lawson and the Illusive Man discussing the end of the first game, and the outcome of the Battle of the Citadel against Sovereign. If you imported a save file from Mass Effect, the decision about saving or letting die the council will reflect your choice in the original game. If not, the default decision is that the Council was lost.

After the initial conversation, now you see the SSV Normandy being approached by an unknown ship. Said ship proceeds to use a beam attack on the SSV Normandy breaching the hull in several places. Commander Shepard issues an evacuation order, but one of your squadmates tells you that Joker doesn't want to leave the ship. Who tells you this depends on your romance decision in Mass Effect, as well as your Commander Shepard's gender and the decision on Virmire. It could be either Ashley Williams, Kaidan Alenko or Liara T'Soni. For some reason in the PS3 version, it's always Liara T'Soni the one who shows up.

You have to reach the cockpit to convince Joker to leave the ship with the rest of the crew. Walk through the hallways and take the right or left stairs to reach the Command Deck. You will see it is exposed, as the ceiling has been completely disintegrated. Now keep heading forward until you reach Joker, who still insists that the SSV Normandy can be saved. Inexorably, you convince him to leave the ship. 

You have to carry Joker to the escape pod. Once you do, the Unknown ship attacks again and throwing you away from the pod, but you still manage to eject the pod to save Joker. One more charged blasts hits the SSV Normandy, completely destroying it and sending you to outer space. Your suit is damaged and starts to leak air, and after a short struggle, you are floating towards a nearby planet.





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