Serrice Technology

Location Illium

Serrice Technology is a Shop in Mass Effect 2. Serrice Technology can be found at Illium and is serviced by the Asari trader named Hermia. Shops on galactic hub worlds are an excellent way of acquiring Upgrades.


Serrice Technology Information

  • You can receive a discount after convincing the Asari trader.
  • There is another way to obtain a discount, and it is if Shepard is asked by Gianna Parasini to ask the trader for 'special goods', she will intervene and will instead warn her that she's being watched. Hermia will give a discount before leaving.


Where to find Serrice Technology


Serrice Technology Services


Increases biotic damage.

90,000 / 75,000


Increases medi-gel capacity by 1.

30,000 / 25,000

Quantum Threading

Doubles time limit for security bypass

30,000 / 25,000

Multicore Amplifier

Increases +10% tech power damage.

90,000 / 75,000


Serrice Technology Notes and Tips

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