Bio-Amp Upgrades in Mass Effect 2 can be used to improve your Bio-Amps. Upgrades are single-use items that are immediately applied when they are researched or purchased from vendors. 

When you purchase a research project, you must pay the specified amount of rare resources. You then gain the upgrade described in the research project, and the upgrade moves to the "Upgrade" section of the research Terminal



All Bio-Amp Upgrades In Mass Effect 2

Upgrade Lvl
Research Cost

Smart Amplifier
Biotic Cooldown Bio-Amp Upgrade +20% faster biotic cooldowns 1 5,000 Element Zero Unlocked after 3 Hyper-Amp upgrades.

Biotic Damage Bio-Amp Upgrade +10% biotic damage. 6 500/1,000/1,500/2,000 Element Zero or 90,000 Credits (75,000 with discount) The sixth Hyper-Amp Upgrade is only available with the Firewalker Pack DLC.

Neural Mask
Biotic Duration Bio-Amp Upgrade +20% biotic power duration. 1 3,000 Element Zero Unlocked after 2 Hyper-Amp upgrades.





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