Thresher Maw

Health N/A
Armor Very High
Shield N/A
Related Mission Grunt: Rite of Passage
Location Tuchanka

Thresher Maw is a Boss in Mass Effect 2. Thresher Maw is a special enemy that may require special tactics and strategy to be defeated. Thresher Maw will be encountered as part of Grunt: Rite of Passage Mission. Bosses have larger health pools and can deliver devastating attacks.


Thresher Maw Information

Thresher Maw has to be defeated as one of Grunt's tests and Commander Shepard (and another Companion) can help him as his "krantt" (Krogan word for most trusted allies), in order to complete the Krogan rite of passage for Grunt during Grunt: Rite of Passage. It consists on defeating waves of enemies, being the final "wave" a fight against the Thresher Maw.


Thresher Maw Stats

  • Health: N/A
  • Armor: Very High
  • Shield: N/A


How to beat Thresher Maw

Thresher Maw Boss Guide:

Thresher Maw will first show it's tail which will hide in the underground when Commander Shepard shoots at it, this will trigger the beginning of the fight. The Thresher Maw will then show it's body and head, it is very big and always attacks from a far distance. Thresher Maw will oftenly change it's position to get a better angle to attack Commander Shepard and their Companions.

Warp and Collector Particle Beam are effective against Thresher Maw's armor.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Acid Spit: This attack is predictable due to the Thresher Maw's animation movement before spitting, but the spit still travels fast and it could be hard to avoid. Find cover on the columns but be aware that Thresher Maw may destroy the columns with a few spits, so always have in mind another place to cover quickly in case that happens. The last two columns cannot be destroyed.


Thresher Maw Related Mission:


Thresher Maw Location

Thresher Maw can be found at:


Notes & Tips

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