Garrus Vakarian

Race Turian
Health 200
Shield 250
Weapon Proficiencies
Assault Rifles
Sniper Rifles
Powers Concussive Shot
Turian Rebel
Armor-Piercing Ammo

Garrus Vakarian is a Companion or potencial Companion for Mass Effect 2. Garrus Vakarian can fight alongside Commander Shepard. Garrus Vakarian has the following proficiencies: Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles; and the following Powers: Concussive Shot, Overload, Turian Rebel and Armor-Piercing Ammo.


Garrus Vakarian Information

Garrus Vakarian is a Turian. Garrus had trained military training at fifteen like every Turian, and later became a C-Sec Officer like his father. Shepard meets him back again in Mass Effect 2, during the Dossier: Archangel.

Romance with Garrus is only available for Female Shepard.


Garrus Vakarian Proficiencies

Garrus Vakarian has the following proficiencies:


Garrus Vakarian Powers

Garrus Vakarian has the following Powers.


How to get Garrus Vakarian

After the Freedom's Progress, the Dossier: Archangel becomes available. Garrus will join the squad after completing it.


Garrus Vakarian Loyalty Mission

The requirements to unlock Garrus: Eye for an Eye (Garrus' Loyalty Mission) are:

  • Shepard recruited Garrus
  • Shepard had the first conversation with Garrus
  • Completed Horizon
  • Completed some more missions.

Kelly Chambers will report a new message for Garrus, about a Turian, Sidonis, who led Garrus' team to their deaths. The information acquired includes the possible location of Sidonis, last seen on the Citadel with Fade, someone specialized on helping people disappear.


Notes and tips

  • Garrus is long range/Mid Range Soldier. Best taken when playing vanguard, or any of the up close and personal classes who need some long range support.


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