Dossier: Archangel is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Dossier: Archangel is one of the four initial Dossiers given by the Illusive Man after completing Freedom's Progress. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.


Full Dossier: Archangel Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You are given this Mission by the Illusive Man after finishing Freedom's Progress. Dossier: Archangel is one of the four initial Dossiers you receive from him (Six if you have the corresponding DLC).

Out of all the base Dossiers handed by the Illusive Man (Not counting DLC), THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST CHALLENGING ONE. So keep this in mind before taking on it, because delaying it to improve your squad level, a more diverse cast of companions or having better Weapons can be a great game changer when doing Dossier: Archangel.

However, if you plan on doing this Dossier early, try to at least acquire the Emergency Shielding research from the Normandy Tech Lab first. It is available after three Medi-Gel capacity upgrades and costs 25000 Platinum. This upgrade allows Medi-Gel to restore Commander Shepard and the squad to full health and shields.

You will be fighting all three major mercenary groups during Dossier: Archangel. The Eclipse, the Blue Suns and Blood Pack. They have all three different kinds of defense (Shields, Armor and Barriers), so keep that in mind at the squad selection screen before taking on the Assignment.


Once you arrive at Omega, you will be instructed to meet Aria T'Loak, the ruler of the station. She will tell you about Archangel and his actions. He's been killing many of Omega's criminals, and that put him on the sights of three powerful mercenary groups. (Blue Suns, Eclipse and Blood Pack).

Aria T'Loak tells you to head to a small side room on the upper level of Afterlife Club to sign up for a merc mission. If your Commander Shepard is female, the recruiter will speak in a condescending way, allowing for a Renegade interrupt option. Sign up as a freelancer and you can travel deeper into the station by talking to a merc at the transportation station. 

You can earn some more Paragon morality points just when you are leaving, when a young man plans to join the skirmish to track down Archangel and you dissuade him to participate.

Once you exit Afterlife, you can find a small alcove with vehicles to the right. There, a Batarian Blue Suns driving is standing guard and, once asked, takes the team to Archangel's base. BEFORE accepting, be sure to be as ready as possible, as this is the no turning point of the Mission.

You will arrive at a merc base on Kima District. A Batarian named Salkie greets you. He is a Blue Suns mercenary who gives you a quick overview of the situation. You can also talk to the local leaders to learn about the other groups.
EDI will tell you that there's no other way to reach Archangel beside the one that the mercenary groups are proposing. You also learn that they are deploying YMIR Mechs, LOKI Mechs and an A-61 Mantis Gunship to pin him down. EDI suggests you to sabotage them before leaving. 

While exploring the merc base, you will find some items of interest. You will find the leader of the Eclipse mercs named Jaroth, and a datapad that triggers Omega: Archangel: Datapad Recovered in the first room.

Once you exit this first room, head to the door on the left and open it to find the YMIR Mech. Bypass it to turn off it's friend-or-foe targeting when the Eclipse decide to drop into the battlefield. You can also find a crate that contains x500 Element Zero and a hackable datapad that grants you x4000 Credits.

At the next door, you will find another junction. Ahead of you is the Blood Pack's room and their leader Garm, a Krogan Battlemaster, is also there. While the other door continues the path to your current objective, and another hackable datapad. Turn left once you grab it, to open a locked door to your right. Bypass it to find a Submachine Gun Damage upgrade and 4000 Credits, Heavy Weapon ammo and Medi-Gel.

On the next door on the right, you can find a hall that contains some Medi-Gel and leads to the Blue Suns' meeting room. Here you have some moral decisions to make. If Zaeed is in the group, he will have some interesting dialogue options with the Blue Suns leader Tarak.

After reaching the area with the A-61 Mantis Gunship, you can talk to Sargeant Cathka, and start going beyond the barriers. You are locked once you do, and can't go back to the previous areas, so check every room before doing this.

While you are traveling through the area that is open to Archangel's fire, you can be hit by a single sniper round that will knock out your shields completely but won't do any other damage.

At a certain point of the conversation with Sargeant Cathka, he will receive the signal to begin the attack on Archangel. You have a Renegade interrupt that can be used to render him unable to fully repair the gunship. 

Vault over the barricade and turn on the other mercs. You have to shoot first before this happens. You can use this to your advantage, like for example, waiting for the mercenaries to be crowded around an explosive canister before starting to shoot. Clear them and head to Archangel's location. Once you reach it, you will learn that Archangel is none other than Garrus Vakarian.

You will start a conversation with the Turian about what he has been doing this past years and you can earn some morality points. Now you must find a way past the three mercenary groups. From now on, you will need to defend Garrus from the bands attempting to attack his hideout. You will see a meter labeled "Garrus Vital Signs" that shows the current level of health the Turian has. If that meter is depleted, the mission ends in a Critical Mission Failure screen. There are some checkpoints during the battle, that Garrus' health will recover, these are: when you meet him, defeating the Eclipse attack and defeating the Blood Pack attack. You can pick an M-15 Vindicator on a couch before or after talking to Garrus

The First Attack: Eclipse

Jaroth decides to send his own troopers and LOKI Mechs to deal with you. If you stay in the second floor, you will be in an advantageous position, as most of the Enemies decide to cross the bridge without taking cover. Do be mindful of the Eclipse Heavies, as they will do take cover on the sides of the bridge and will use rockets to cover them. So make them your priority target. Remember that they are trying to reach Garrus' position so try to be aware of that. He will tell you if any Eclipse merc managed to reach the base and the rear stairs.

After you mow down enough of Jaroth's forces he will send in the YMIR Mech. If you sabotaged it earlier, it will fight against the mercenaries once it is deployed. You can blow off its head once the mercenaries wear it down, this will cause it to explode, dealing a good amount of damage to any Enemies close enough. 

While the mech is alive, all the Eclipse forces will focus on it, allowing you enough time to organize your attack, heal, etc. Again, focus on the Eclipse Heavis and Vanguards as they are the ones that deal most damage to the Mech. If you manage to keep the YMIR Mech alive, it will be available to fight Jaroth.

Jaroth will enter the fight himself, after seeing his forces being utterly destroyed. He uses an M-6 Carniflex Heavy Pistol, and has armor protection besides his shields. Once you are done with him, Garrus will ask you to come to him. Before doing so, grab some thermal clips and a med pack that can be found around the base. In the room where you find Garrus, you can loot a Foot Locker to obtain x2000 credits. Upstairs, you can also find a wall safe.

The Second Attack: Blood Pack

While you are talking with the Turian, an explosion rocks the base. Apparently the bombs the leaders mentioned earlier (if you talked to them), went off and breached the tunnels that Garrus had closed off. There's a decision to be made now. You can either take the whole squad down to the basement to deal with the breaches or, alternatively, split into two teams consisting of two members each. The difference is that you will have one more active member, making your fights a little easier, but Garrus' health will drop faster if you choose the first option and on the other hand, you will have fewer options at your disposal if you choose the second option but Garrus' health won't be as affected as is he was left alone.

The Blood Pack main forces consists of Krogan, Vorcha and a few Varren. Although neither Krogan nor Vorcha, have shields, they can regenerate health and in harder difficulties will have armor. If at your disposal, use Sniper Rifles, Heavy Pistols and Powers such as Incinerate or Warp.
Garrus directs you to the basement through the door located under the stairs. You can find an Omni-Tool, on the ground floor. 

Once there, you will find a Weapons locker and a medical station. Garrus will tell you that you need to close three shutters in order to secure the lower level.

You will find the first shutter directly ahead of you and you can close it without much effort. As you get closer to the Shutter control, Krogan and Vorcha will appear beyond the shutter. Press the button on the control and take cover on either side of the door. Hitting the Enemies with weapon fire as they advance should slow them enough to prevent them from reaching the shutter control. 

The last two shutters are located to the left and to the right of the shutter you just closed. One of the is in the utility are and the other one is in the garage. Do the garage first because it takes less time to get from there back to the utility area to deal with the final shutter. Note that once you choose one of the two options, the other will be locked out until you close the shutter.

You can find a lot of cover options in the garage. You can find several Vorcha and a Varren dwelling in the garage. A lonely Krogan can be found near the shutter. You can find the controls of the shutter across the room, use cover wisely to reach them. Once you reach the controls and activate them, more Krogan and Vorcha will arrive through the shutter so use any crowd control ability you have at your disposal to prevent them from interfering with the shutter closing. Once this group is gone, picku up any ammo and the med-kit from the corner, and head back to the utility area to deal with the final shutter.

Once you exit the garage, go straight ahead to a door that leads to the utility area. There is a med-kit to the left of said door before you proceed inside. Pass through the door and climb over a series of obstacles, while Vorcha use the same obstacles as cover to fight you. Take them out. Beware of the Blood Pack Pyro, that can be found around the corner once you reach the right turn in the passage, as he may instantly fry you. Once you manage to take him out, move over more obstacles to finally reach the controls. Once you activate them, as was in the second shutter, Enemies will start to appear beyond the shutter and move towards you. Deal with them.

After the final shutter has been closed, Garrus will contact you immediately to inform you that Garm and the Blood Pack have breached the base on the main room. You will be treated to a cutscene and you will find yourself back on the ground floor of the hideout, ready to the final assault with the Blood Pack. Head upstairs as fast as you can, because Garm will head straight for Garrus once the fight starts.

Getting close enough to Garm, will make him switch his attention towards you. Your team will be full again if you left a squadmember with Garrus, so you will have access to all your Powers for the fight. Once he is down, refill on ammo and Medi-Gel before talking to Garrus one more time. 

The Third Attack: The Blue Suns

Once you talk to the Turian, he fills you in on his history with Garm and as both get ready to take down the last remanining mercenary faction, Tarak appears with this gunship. The gunship isn't yet a valid target, and will fly ocassionally firing rockets at you and your team and dropping Blue Suns infantry. First it will deploy Jentha, who is protected by both shields and armor and is wielding a powerful M-76 Revenant, a Blue Suns Legionnaire and several Troopers on the second floor. 

After you deal with them, there's a second wave of mercenaries entering through the main level. This is the last part of the mission. Once they have been dealt with them, another cutscene shows you Tarak's gunship wounding Garrus. Now you have to take down the gunship while fighting some more waves of Blue Suns dropping from the far window into the second floor. 

Take cover immediately. You will notice that Garrus' health bar has disappeared, so you won't have the extra pressure of dealing with that. If you used the Renegade interruption on Sargeant Cathka while he was working on the gunship, the aircraft will have half its normal hitpoints.

Use anti armor Weapons and Powers to deal with it.

Once the gunship and all other Enemies in the are are down, you will be treated to another cutscene.

After the final mercenary gang is eliminated, the squad returns to the Normandy, this time with Garrus. The Turian receives medical attention, but his face will carry a wound for the rest of the game. He will stay in the Normandy's main battery.

The Mission is officially over.



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