Garrus: Eye for an Eye


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission




Garrus Vakarian


Experience Points
Scram Pulsar
Armor Piercing Ammo
x2000 Iridium

Garrus: Eye for an Eye is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Garrus: Eye for an Eye is about Sidonis, the mole who betrayed Garrus' former team leading them to their eventual death. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Garrus: Eye for an Eye Walkthrough

Getting Ready

In this Mission, you will be facing a lot of Blue Suns and LOKI Mechs, so try to bring a squad that's effective against both armor and shields. 


Head to the Citadel, once you arrive EDI advises you to head to C-SEC. There, talk to Captain Bailey and he states that Fade, the person who is helping Sidonis disappear, has contacts in the warehouses. Go down the Shipping Warehouses on level 26.
Inside you will find a Volus and two Krogan bodyguards. Talk to the Volus, you can use a Renegade interrupt that causes both you and Garrus to shoot the Krogan bodyguards dead. If you don't do the interrupt, you scare the bodyguards by drawing your Weapons out. This leads to the Volus telling you that Fade, is in reality Harkin, a former C-Sec officer and he can be found in the old prefab factory in the Factory District. However, he is not alone, Blue Suns mercenaries are protecting him. Leave the Warehouse and use a Rapid Transit terminal to go to the factory district.

Once you arrive at the factory district, you will meet Harkin, accompanied by two Blue Suns Troopers. When Harkin notices both you and Garrus, he flees, leaving the mercenaries by themselves. Take them out. Go through the door, and to the left there is trash that can be searched to obtain x600 Credits. There's also a med-kit on a table across the entrance. Now, to the left, two LOKI Mechs will emerge from the blue shipping container. Take them out and use the elevated cover to fight more mercenaries and LOKI Mechs as you move through the area.

Keep moving until the path gets narrow. On the right, there is another shipping container that will produce more mechs when you get close enough to it. Dispose of them and before moving on, there is a wall-safe on the left that can be bypassed to obtain x1500 Credits. Move beyond the area, to obtain a Medi-Gel and a circuit board for x900 Credits.

While you are looting the Medi-Gel, Garrus Vakarian comments that Harkin is still here, because he can smell him. Move across and use the crates as cover. You will be facing more LOKI Mechs, and even more will come overhead and from the shipping container on the right. More Blue Suns mercenaries will join the fight.

Take them out, then move up and stay in cover. Use the pillars and crates further up. Don't go too far! A Blue Suns Trooper wielding a Shotgun will emerge from an open container on your right. Take him out and remain in cover. More LOKI Mechs will drop from the passing cranes and more Blue Suns Mercenaries will appear at the other end, in several waves. Don't advance too quickly or they can merge together.

The final group includes Blue Suns Legionnaries along with the Troopers and Mechs. After the hostiles are gone, you can reach the Power Cells and Med-kit, then come back to bypass the two circuit boards for x900 credits each. Enter an office, you can find Medi-Gel, Power Cells, hack a laptop for x4500 Credits and finally x2000 Iridium. Access the bridge and proceed. This is a good point to save your game.

Take cover after crossing the bridge, and watch out for the container on the right, because more LOKI Mechs will emerge. Enemies here include Blue Suns Troopers and a Blue Suns Commander, as well as the aforementioned LOKI Mechs. Try to take them out and range, and slowly keep moving up when you are able.

Once you are far enough, an YMIR Mech makes an entrance. Choose tactics appropriate to your Weapons and team members. Once they are all down, move up to grab the Medi-Gel, and bypass the circuit board to obtain x1200 Credits. Now, move into the office.

Pick up the Power Cells, grab the Medi-Gel from the medical station and bypass the wall safe to obtain x1200 Credits. Go past the door on the right and hack the terminal to obtain a Sniper Rifle Damage Upgrade (Scram Pulsar). There's also a Forged ID on the desk, take it for the Citadel: Found Forged ID Assignment. Now interact with the shutter controls. A cutscene will play where Garrus and you interact. Then, move on.

Hack the terminal, and head outside, to see a mess of platforms at varying levels. Stay on the ground and get into cover. LOKI Mechs will be on the ground floor and a single Blue Suns Trooper on an upper level to your left. On the elevated position to the right, there will usually be a Blue Suns Commander or a Blue Suns Legionnaire. After the initial wave, more Blue Suns Troopers and more LOKI Mechs will come out.

Once all the attackers are down, move all the way to the right. Behind three waist-high crates is a datapad that contains x1200 credits if you hack it. The only way to proceed is to the ground floor, it is advised to save here because things will get interesting. Once you start climbing the platforms, Harkin will state that he is not running away from you. Once you make the right turn after the first platform, get your squad into cover, using the upper platform to your right. When your teammates are set, move up to the end of the mid-level platform, and Harkin will rely on two YMIR Mechs to defend him. 

Head to where your teammates are, on the upper platform, because it will prevent the Mechs from flanking you and your squad. Once the Mechs are down, go towards Harkin, and he will raise the six platforms in front of where he is hiding. Start climbing the platforms on your left, and his final defense are two LOKI Mechs. Take them out, and resume climbing. 

When you reach the door, a cutscene begins. As you get into position, Harkin is seen engaged in frenetic observation through the window. Noticing your approach, he turns and runs away, only to be violently intercepted by Garrus. The Turian rams him against a wall. However, Harkin won't make it that easy, and isn't giving away Sidonis' location. After a few violent acts by the Turian, Harkin contacts Sidonis using the nearby terminal and arranges a rendezvous at noon, outside the Orbital Lounge. 

Harkin prepares to leave, once the communication is over, but is grabbed by Garrus, who draws his gun and moves to shoot his leg in order to "slow him down" before they part ways. You can use a Paragon interrupt, to prevent Garrus from shooting Harkin's leg, instead Garrus will headbutt him on the way out. Regardless of what happened, Garrus states that if Sidonis is nowhere to be found, he will return to finish the job. 

The squad takes transport to the Lounge and during the transport, you can decide to either encourage Garrus or try to talk him out of it. However, the Turian doesn't back down, and he points to a location where he will set up. He tells you to draw Sidonis out and he will take the shot, killing his former teammate. Garrus will leave the cabe and takes off to his position. Sidonis is sitting and you motion him over. This conversation can start with either you warning him about Garrus or letting your squadmember to shoot him down. 

If you warn Sidonis about Garrus, he gets scared and begins to walk away. If you miss the Paragon interrupt, Sidonis dies. If you manage to make the interrupt, you warn him to say still. Now you can allow Garrus to take the shot, or continue conversing with Sidonis to learn that he has become depressed by his betrayal. If you have enough Paragon points, you can convince Garrus to let him leave, or you can move aside for the last time, allowing Garrus to shoot. If you persuade Garrus to let Sidonis get away, he leaves after thanking both Garrus and you along the way. 

When you return to the transport, you can discuss the encounter with Garrus, while returning to the Zakera Ward Docks.

  • If Garrus managed to kill Sidonis. EDI reports that C-Sec is investigating his death, although they have no leads. 
  • If Garrus spared Sidonis. EDI reports that Harkin is taken into custody and charges are pending. News reports say that Sidonis went to C-Sec and confessed the murder of 10 people on Omega


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