Lattice Shunting

Type Cybernetic Upgrade
Effect Shepard gains +10% Health per upgrade
Cost 2,500/5,000/7,500/10,000/12,500 Palladium or 90,000 Credits (75,000 with Discount)

Lattice Shunting is a Cybernetic Upgrade in Mass Effect 2. Lattice Shunting allows Shepard to gains +10% Health per upgrade. When an Armor Upgrade is obtained, it's automatically integrated into the appropriate Armor. Obtain Armor Upgrades in stores and by scanning items on Missions.


Strong synthetic fibers can be woven through the skin, dramatically reducing damage taken from most attacks. These fibers also act as a medi-gel conduit, improving healing.


Lattice Shunting Information

Upgrade Levels1 to 7

Upgrades: Health Increase


  • Shepard gains +10% Health per upgrade (1 to 7)


How to Acquire Lattice Shunting

1 2,500 Palladium Can be found just after first husks during Horizon Mission. 
2 5,000 Palladium Can be found during Reaper IFF after first scion fight
3 7,500 Palladium Side Mission  N7: MSV Strontium Mule
4 10,000 Palladium Can be found in the room at the bottom of the first elevator during the assignment  Overlord: Atlas Station
5 12,500 Palladium Can be found in a room, after the elevator from the core room, on the left side of a hallway, with some palladium and a wall safe during Arrival Assignments
6 90,000 Credits Can be bought at Illium: Gateway Personal Defense store.
7 90,000 Credits Can be bought at Omega: Kenn's Salvage store




Notes and tips

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