Stop the Collectors: Use Omega-4 Relay is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Stop the Collectors: Use Omega-4 Relay is about heading to the unknown using the Omega-4 Relay. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.



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Full Stop the Collectors: Use Omega-4 Relay Walkthrough

Head to the Galaxy Map and use the Omega-4 Relay to being the final assault on the Collector Base.

Keep in mind that this is the point of no return. Once you use the relay, there's no turning back! So check everything like the Normandy's upgrades, the Loyalties of your crew, etc.

On activating the Relay, the Illusive Man briefs you and tells you that he doesn't know what to expect on the other side. You will see a long cutscene showing your decisions on ship upgrades. 

When you emerge, you will see an enormous wreckage field. Joker manages to maneuver the ship around the debris, but EDI warns him that there are enemy vessels incoming. The vessels will open fire and, if you failed to upgrade the Normandy's Armor, a laser will penetrate the Normandy's hull and kill Jack.

An Oculus will punch through the Normandy's cargo hold. You have to take two squadmates to deal with it, try to take members that are good at dealing with heavy armored targets.

This battle occurs in two phases interrupted by a cutscene in between. In both phases, the Oculus will advance slowly and attempt to take a clear shot with its particle beam. The Oculus will constantly try to flank you, so shoot from cover and change positions frequently. There are a lot of explosive canisters in this area, keep in mind their location when you are moving around. The Oculus is immune to their damage, but if they blow up near your or your teammates they can deal devastating damage.

There is a med-kit to your right and two med-stations at the far end. You can also find two boxes of Power Cells. Don't worry about conserving ammo during this fight, as there is plenty of it in the Collector Base.

In the first phase of the battle, your objective is to lower the Oculus' armor to about 50% and it will retreat. During this phase, it will ignore your teammates and focus solely on you. If you take cover behind the control console at the entrance of the shuttle bay, the Oculus will not head there to flank you.

When you deplete its armor to a 50%, a cutscene is shown in which Joker flies the Normandy through a field of debris to lose the remaining Oculus that are chasing your ship. If you didn't upgrade the Normandy's Kinetic Barriers, you will lose a squadmate here when the Normandy's drive core overloads. Joker emerges from the debris field with the remaining Oculus destroyed, except for one. That one re-enters the cargo hold. 

The Oculus returns and the battle resumes, with it being fully healed.

You start the second phase of this battle at the opposite end of the shuttle bay from before, so now you will have to find different cover. Now the Oculus can flank you if you manage to reach the control panel you have been using during the first phase. 

At the beginning of this phase, the Oculus will remain focus solely on you, but after a while, it will start to focus on your teammates. Once it is gone, Joker will call you back up to the cockpit.

You will see the Collector Base, and it will send the Collector Cruiser to face the Normandy. If you upgraded the ship's weaponry, the cruiser will be easily destroyed. If not. the Normandy must engage it at point-blank range with conventional weaponry, leading again, to the death of a squadmate.

Once the cruiser is gone, the explosion overloads the Normandy's systems and sends it in a crash-landing to the exterior of the Collector Base. Now you have to get ready to infiltrate the base, and end this once and for all.



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