Dossier: The Justicar is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Dossier: The Justicar is one of the three Dossiers the Illusive Man hands you after completing Horizon. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.


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Getting Ready

There is a high amount of barriers and armor in this Mission, so Powers such as Warp, Reave and Warp Ammo are extremely useful to bring along. There are also mechs to be found, so AI Hacking can help you turn your Enemies against each other.


Head to Illlium, located in the Tasale System within the Crescent Nebula cluster. Once you reach the aforementioned planet, you will be welcomed by Careena, a Nos Astra official. She tells you that all administrative formalities and docking fees have been taken care of by a former member of the Normandy Crew, Liara T'SoniCareena also expresses that Liara is waiting for you patiently in her office, near the trading floor.

Liara T'Soni tells you that Samara arrived recently and registered with Tracking Officer Dara. You can find Officer Dara at the transportation hub. She tells you that Samara is at the commercial spaceport. You can hail a cab to the spaceport by walking to a console at the center of the hub or by a dialogue option with Officer Dara. She also tells you that Justicars, are like Spectres, but no government oversees them, they are only bound by their code. Keep in mind that going at the spaceport is a one way trip, so once you do, you cannot return to the rest of Illium until you complete the Mission.

Once you reach the spaceport, you will see a cutscene in which Detective Anaya is talking to a Volus merchant called Pitne For. They are discussing the murder of the Volus' business partner, and you learn that a justicar is also investigating the murder. You can interact with a Turian worker, an Asari spaceport official and Pitne For to learn about what's going on. Once inside the police station, you can talk to Detective Anaya and she tells you that Samara is at the crime scene. You also learn that the detective wants Samara to leave as soon as possible, because her superiors ordered her to detain her, but she knows that attempting to do that, would lead her to a certain death. You get permission from the detective to enter the crime scene, and you also receive a warning about Eclipse mercenaries that are probably involved in the murder and control the back alleys. You can loot a Medi-Gel from a medical station and a Weapon locker if you want to change your loadout in the Police Station.

After crossing the police tape, there is a console on the right with shipping details that will start the Assignment Stolen Goods Found. You can walk to the end of the corridor and down the stairs to find x3000 Credits from some salvageable Circuit Boards.

As you are moving towards the staircase, you will overhear some Eclipse mercenaries deploying a squad to hunt down the Justicar. Up the stairs, and around the corner, you will find an Eclipse Vanguard, 3 LOKI Mechs and a Sisterhood Initiate. You will notice that they are unaware of your presence and are fairly close together. Use an area of effect Power to soften up their defenses quickly, and take advantage of the plenty of cover available to face them.

After the fight, you will pass some more police tape and then open the door. A cutscene will start. You will see an Asari Eclipse Mercenary flying through the air. She is the leader and sole survivor of a band of mercs that had the not so bright idea of facing the justicar Samara. The Justicar is interrogating the Eclipse Lieutenant about the name of a ship that recently departed, with someone that Samara is hunting. However, the Mercenary refuses to answer twice,  even after she disposes all of her Biotic Powers, so Samara decides to break her neck.

The Justicar turns and introduces herself to you, after a brief exchange, you ask her about joining the crusade against the Collectors, but the Asari refuses, claiming that her tracking Mission comes first. Detective Anaya arrives at the scene, and tells Samara that she wishes her to join you, or otherwise she would have to detain her on the order of Anaya's superiors. Although the code allows Samara to submit to detention, it only does for one day, and after that, she'd continue her investigation, implying that she will fight her way out of custody if necessary.

You offer to find the name of the ship carrying her target, enabling her to leave Illium and also join the crusade against the Collectors. She suggests you interrogate Pitne For, the Volus merchant about it. After the conversation, you return to the spaceport.

Pitne For can now be found closer to the crime scene barrier. If you had already talked to the Volus before entering the crime scene, you can accuse him of lying to you. Eventually, he will reveal that he was smuggling an illegal Biotics-enhancing chemical called Minagen X3 to sell to the Eclipse. However, that chemical, can also cause death, and that's why the Eclipse are trying to kill him. 

He then gives you a pass card allowing access to the Eclipse base. You have to use it on the elevator located next to the police station, once you take it you advance to the next stage of the Mission

Immediately outside the elevator, you will see a LOKI Mech, and past the door there is an Eclipse Vanguard and two LOKI Mechs. They will be reinforced by two more Eclipse Vanguards and a Sisterhood Initiate. Take cover on the right side of the doorway, and try to take the mercs from there, before proceeding into the room. The Mechs tend to remain in their position and won't close the distance to your location. Additional Enemies will enter from the far door, so be careful when leaving the elevator.

You will find toxic canisters in this level that contain the substance Pitne For was smuggling to the Eclipse, Minagen X3. If you destroy one of the canisters, it will emit a red cloud, that can complicate the line of sight to Enemies. The toxic cloud enhances Biotic Powers, but concentrated amounts are harmful. Being to close to the cloud, will trigger a toxicity level meter, that once reaching full level, will start damaging your shields and eventually, your health. Keep in mind that squadmates are not harmed by the clouds.

Enter the next room to find a Weapons Locker and the M-27 Scimitar, and you can switch your weapon loadout if you want. It is advised to switch to a Heavy Weapon like the Collector Particle Beam or the M-77 Missile Launcher.

You will Elnora, a recently initiated Eclipse Mercenary, behind a door on the right. If you use the Renegade interrupt, you will kill her and earn 5 Renegade Points. If you question her, you will learn about the Ardat-Yakshi, a rare genetic condition that some Asari posses. After that, Elnora leaves and you gain 5 Paragon Points. In that same room, you can obtain Power Cells and if you can Sample 634 you will obtain the Hyper-Amp upgrade.

Go upstairs to encounter more Enemies. All the usual suspects in this area, LOKI Mechs, Eclipse Vanguards and Sisterhood Initiates. As always, use cover and Weapons to deal with the Mechs and mercenaries. Don't let the Vanguards get close to you. You can find a Megi-Gel in a medical station and x3000 Credits can be looted from an Eclipse Terminal. After some more stairs, you will find more of the same Enemies, but this time, accompanied by an Eclipse Heavy. You will be able to find another Eclipse Terminal, this time with x6000 credits and another Medical Station containing medi-gel.

Keep going past stairs, until you will pass a door and you will reach a docking bay that's loaded with more Eclipse mercenaries. The first Eclipse Vanguard appears suddenly, so get into cover. As you keep advancing forward to her location, and confront a second Eclipse Vanguard, you'll see a gunship. You won't be fighting it now, but you can put a few shots to damage it. 

Past the Vanguards, the area widens, and there are more Eclipse Enemies here. Try to deal with the Eclipse Heavy and the LOKI Mech located up on the raised platform, then take on the remaining Eclipse. You can find a crate containing x2000 Platinum, in an alcove on the left from your starting position.

Head to the next room, there you can find another Medi-Gel and more Power Cells. There's also an M-27 Scimitar, if you didn't pick it up before. You can also find a data file in which Elnora admits having murdered the Volus, which you can pick up to give to Detective Anaya at a later time. 

Leave and and you will emerge at another docking bay, with 3 LOKI Mechs and power cells ahead of you. Deal with the mechs. Once you are ready, wait for your shield and Powers to be ready, and then, attempt to cross the bridge. While you are doing so, the gunship from earlier will make a stellar return.

The gunship flies back and forth around the area, and it will periodically drop several FENRIS Mechs on the ground, to help it. It is advised to retreat to where you just came once the gunship appears, because it is an area with good enough cover. If you are low on ammo, remember there are power cells you can grab to replenish it. If you want to grab it, use at least all the Heavy Weapons ammo at your disposal, before picking it up.

After the fight, cross the bridge, you won't be interrupted now. Grab all the thermal clips scattered. You can also find a Megi-Gel to the right of the hackable door. Bypass the door to continue.

Inside, you will find a Shipping Manifest that confirms Pitne For was smuggling not only Minagen X3 , but also red sand for the Eclipse. This initiates the Smuggling Evidence Assignment. You can also loot x6000 Credits from an Eclipse terminal.

You will find a drugged Volus named Niftu Cal in the next room. He is far beyond delusional and believes he is a biotic god of some sort. You can encourage him to charge Captain Wasea, the local Eclipse commender to obtain some Renegade Points, or, alternatively, use a Paragon interrupt, to knock him out to receive some Paragon Points.

In the next area, you will find a Weapon locker, another Medi-Gel, and final chance to pick up the M-27 Scimitar, if you still haven't picked it up. Once you are done here, save your game, because a boss fight is incoming.

You will find Captain Wasea in the next area, protected by both a barrier and armor. Once both of these layers are down, use a Power like Pull to prevent her from raising her barrier again. She can't recharge her barrier while she has armor.
Sisherhood Initiates and Eclipse Heavies, will make sure to complicate your life during the fight.

Captain Wasea will throw toxic canisters at you, forcing you to chance cover as quickly as possible. Eventually, she will lift the heavy cargo containers located behind her and retreat up to a new area, where there are more toxic containers. However, if you manage to kill it quick enough, this won't happen. Focus on her as soon as you enter, rather than the other mercs.

After you finish with Captain Wasea, you can find a nearby Eclipse Terminal, that needs to be hacked to obtain x3000 Credits. You can also find a datapad on the captain's desk, it contains the information Samara was looking for. After picking it up, return to the spaceport.

You will se Pitne For standing outside the police station, if you talk to him he will ask you if you found a shipping manifest. If you give it to the Volus, you earn x9000 Credits and 5 Renegade Points. This is one way to the Assignment Smuggling Evidence.

Head inside the police station, and tell Samara that the person she is hunting, left on the AML Demeter. After learning this, she agrees to join your cause.You can talk to Detective Anaya, and tell her that Elnora killed the Volus, however, you earn nothing by doing this (no XP, Credits or morality points).

If you didn't hand the data to Pitne For, you can give it to the detective to obtain x4200 Credits and 5 Paragon Points. This is the second option to finish this Assignment. Once you are ready, talk to Samara to leave the area.

When you are back on the Normandy, Samara will be allocated to the Starboard Observation Deck on the Crew Quarters Deck.




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