Dossier: The Warlord is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Dossier: The Warlord is  one of the four initial Dossiers given by the Illusive Man after completing Freedom's Progress. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.


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Full Dossier: The Warlord Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You are given this Mission by the Illusive Man after finishing Freedom's ProgressDossier: Archangel is one of the four initial Dossiers you receive from him (Six if you have the corresponding DLC).

Here you will face both Shielded and Armored Enemies during this Mission. Try to bring a balanced squad.


Head to Korlus, located in the Imir System inside the Eagle Nebula Cluster. Once you land on Korlus, you will head the Commander of the local Blue Suns, Jedore, over a loudspeaker. Keep going, turn to the right and go down the stairs. Take cover as soon as possible because you will come under fire from the top of the stairs. Once the Enemies are down, run up the stairs to talk to a wounded merc.

You can get some morality points for this conversation and you can get some answers about what is going on at the planet. Continue on and be ready to face more Enemies

These Enemies are in inaccessible locations, so you will receive little ammo resupply until you reach the Tank Grown Krogan. So try to converse your best ammo for key targets, reverting to pistols and powers when there are only one or two Enemies

Move on and take cover. Equip you and one of your teammates a Sniper Rifle. Take the mercs across the way while in cover. You will find some Blue Sun Heavies with rocket launchers, so try to stay in cover when they fire. Once they are history, move to the right and down the stairs to find...more mercs. There will be mercs on the upper level bridge and on the ground. Once they are all down, grab the Medi-Gel, then proceed forward.

Once you reach the next areas, take more mercs down, you will find a Krogan named Tank Grown Krogan, but don't worry, he is friendly. Talk to him to learn what is happening here with Okeer's research. After the chat, he will open a massive panel to grant you access into the research base. 

You will hear more updates over the loudspeaker about the level of frustration Jedore is experiencing. Pick up the credits from the dead merc before moving on. Once you reach halfway through the dirt path, send your squad ahead because there will be some mercs that come around the corner to head you off.

Once past them, you will arrive at a difficult area, because the Krogan will keep spawning for quite some time, up to approximately ten in total. You can try to hold position and kill them all, or stop them spawning by gradually advancing past their spawn point.

The mercs will come out first until you reach the halfway point in the area. You can decide to take the upper or lower path, there's no difference because you get no advantage from either of them. Halfway through the Krogan start coming out, and they armor and health. They are the reason this fight can get ugly. Once you manage to cross the bridge, go up the stairs and pick the Power Cells and Medi-Gel at the top. You can scan the Sniper Rifle to obtain a Sniper Rifle Damage Upgrade called Scram Pulsar

Now go down the hall to encounter more mercs. Send your teammates first., and then follow them. Once they are down, hack the PDA for some credits before going up the stairs.

Once you are on the top of the stairs, before entering through the door, you can use the Sniper Rifle to take down mercs from the window.  If you are decided to head into the room, open the door and move to the cover straight ahead. Take down the mercs. Once they are all down, move across the bridge picking up the Credits on the corpse halfway down.

When you reach the end, you will have to face a lot of mercs, including three Heavy mercs at the far end. Take care of them first and quickly if possible. Once you are done with all the mercs, pick up the Power Cells and loot the safe to obtain Credits. Before leaving, go up again to the catwalkt to the end to hack another datapad for more Credits.

Go up the stairs and open the next door to find even more mercs. Move out, take cover and face the mercs. When you get far enough, you will come under fire by rockets. Move up in cover and try to use long range Weapons to take them out. Once you take them out, keep moving forward and move left and up the stairs to get some height advantage on your Enemies.

Once all the Enemies are down, to the right you will find even more mercs. Move down from the catwalk and take cover. Move up to the pillars when you can and once they are all down, recover clips and enter the base itself.

When you enter the base, what will happen depends solely on your save from Mass Effect. You will find Rana Thanoptis, if you allowed her to live on Virmire, she will tell you what was happening here and how she managed to survive. You have to let her leave, and she tells you she is running away because "she knows how you work" in a clear reference to the bomb going off in Virmire. You can loot the computer for x4000 Credits and the Medi-Gel before meeting Okeer himself in the next room.

Open the door to trigger a cutscene. You find Okeer who talks about your past actions on Virmire and how his Krogan research is going. He tells you he created the perfect soldier. After you ask him to join your cause, you are interrupted by Jedore. Okeer strikes a deal with you pointing you to the storage bay and orders you to kill Jedore,  while he protects his creation. Hack the terminal for a Krogan Vitality upgrade research, before leaving the room. 

Go down the stairs and save your game before opening the door. Once you do, take cover immediately behind the tanks because there are three types of Enemies in this room. Jedore is armed with a rocket launcher and a YMIR Mech. From time to time, some Krogan will break free from the tanks and attack you. They will usually head straight to you ignoring your teammates, so keep that in mind. 

You can decide to take them down one by one or, alternatively, take down Jedore as quickly as you can to end the fight.

Once everyone is down, EDI will come over the radio and state that the lab where you left Okeer is filling with toxins, so get back there. While getting back to the lab, the lab computer will tell you that the emergency vents are kicking in.

It is too late for Okeer, the toxins got the better of him, but he left a message at his computer, stating that he didn't know what the Collectors had planned for the human colonists. He, however, asks you to protect his legacy, the perfect Krogan. You get in contact with the Normandy and ask for pickup.

When you get back to the Normandy, the first thing you see are Jacob Taylor and Miranda Lawson arguing. You can decide to play nice or remind them that this is your ship, and bringing the Krogan was your decision. Head to the port cargo hold located on the Engineering Deck to wake the Krogan.

EDI will tell you about what are the possibilities of opening the tank. If you open the tank, Grunt emerges and the first thing he does is to slam you against the wall. Choose your dialogue options carefully until persuasion options will show up, allowing you to persuade the Krogan to fight for you or join your clan, depending on your dialogue choices. 

If other choices are made, you will shoot Grunt using the pistol (but it won't kill him).




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