Dossier: The Professor is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Dossier: The Professor is one of the four initial Dossiers given by the Illusive Man after completing Freedom's Progress. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.


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Full Dossier: The Professor Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You are given this Mission by the Illusive Man after finishing Freedom's ProgressDossier: Archangel is one of the four initial Dossiers you receive from him (Six if you have the corresponding DLC).

It is advised to do this Dossier early as it unlocks the Normandy's tech lab on the CIC deck. The Tech Lab, allows you to utilize the tech upgrades you find in any of the other Missions.

You will find many Vorcha and Krogan Enemies during this Mission so bring squadmates that can use Incinerate, Incendiary Ammo or Warp.


Head to Omega and EDI will point out that the section housing Mordin's clinic is quarantined due to a plague outbreak, and that gaining access may be difficult. She advises visiting Afterlife to get more information, you can head directly to the quarantined area near the apartments to just start the Mission.

At the entrance of Afterlife, you can earn some morality points depending on your dealing with some Batarian thugs. Once you are inside the main bar, you can head to the bar and up the stairs to where Aria T'Loak is. You can ask her a lot about Omega, but be sure to ask her about Mordin and Archangel (Please check, Dossier: Archangel for more information). Once you learn about Mordin, excuse yourself from the club and head to the Turian that is guarding the shuttle dock to the quarantine area.

Save before talking to the Turian because things can get ugly real fast. Once you approach, a human woman is furious that she is not being allowed to enter the slums to protect her possessions from looters. If you ask about the plague, you will learn that it affects everyone except Humans and the Vorcha. You can use now morality points to get the guard to call ahead and tell the other guards to stand down. If you can start shooting from the start, you can force your way in and ending up fighting the Turian.

Once you enter the slums, and depending on how did the conversation with the Turian unfolded, you will be shot by the guards or they will stand down. Before heading further, move straight across to retrieve a crate of x250 Element Zero. Then turn back, and around the barrier to pick up the Medi-Gel on your way. 

Open the door and go downstairs, you will find some Blue Suns mercenaries. Now run across to get a terminal with x5000 Credits. You can find Power Cells in the nearby room, in which you can bypass a door to get access to 4 audio logs describing the final days of a couple of Turians that were sealed in by the Blue Suns to prevent the spread of the plague.

Head back out, to find a Batarian on the ground. He is bitter to Humans, because he believes Humans are the cause of the plague since they are not affected by it. Ask him about the situation in the slums and whatever he knows of the plague, he will eventually starts coughing a lot, you can use a Paragon interrupt to administer him some Medi-Gel (Grants +5 Paragon Points). You can get +2 Paragon Points if you also say "I'm here to help", whereas you get +2 Renegade Points if you say "I need information" or just by letting him die.

Bypass the nearby door and go down to discover a dead Batarian. You can access his logs to learn about what happened to him, you can loot his safe for x4000 Credits. Head back upstairs and to the right to enter what is called Kokomo Plaza, where you will find your first Blue Suns resistance waiting for you. After taking them out, you can head to the second floor, to retrive a Medi-Gel and x1000 Credits from spare parts.

You will find a door that has to be bypassed on the opposite side of the plaza, to the right of the barricade. There you will find two Human refugees. You can convince them to visit Mordin's clinic but they say they will wait until you clear a safe path. There is a medical kit on the kitchen table and a safe that can be looted for x4000 Credits.

Go behind the main barricade of the plaza. where you fought the Blue Suns, and scan the dead mercenary for an Assault Rifle upgrade. It is advised to save your game, because the next area can get difficult. 

Go down the stairs and through a door, you will start hearing gunfire. You will see Blood Pack members and Blue Suns members having a firefight, use the fight as a distraction and head up the stairs for an advantageous position. Deploy your squad as quickly as you can because the Blue Sun mercs won't last too long. Your position from the second floor should grant you an advantage, at least against the Vorcha, however, the Krogan and Varren will try to go up to close the distance and inflict some serious close quarters damage, don't let them. As soon as you see them, focus them.

You can find another room that links to an apartment on the left side of the large room. Before entering grab the container of Element Zero. You will find Human Looters once you enter the apartment. Ask them some questions about the plague, and once you get all the information you want, you can decide to let them go or kill them. Leave the apartment and head down the stairs to Mordin's clinic.

Once you reach the office you will find some guards and Mechs outside of the clinic. The guards will tell you to not make any trouble unless you want to deal with the mechs and the professor himself. You can talk to the people around there to hear stories about the professor. Go to the back of the hall and head to the left to pick up two crates (One with Palladium and the other with Platinum), some Medi-Gel and access a computer to obtain an upgrade that increases the Medi-Gel capacity after the Dossier is over. Now head into the other room, and before talking to Mordin, pick up the Medi-Gel, Power Cells, Element Zero and Iridium. Then talk to the Salarian.

You will quickly realize that Mordin really REALLY likes to talk, and he also does it incredibly fast. Although quirky, Mordin is a friendly Salarian. He comments that he has found a cure for the plague but needs a way to distribute it. You can go straight to the point and ask him to go with you, but he states that he needs to cure the plague first. He already has a plan on how to distribute the cure, the air system. Sadly, the air-control facility is guarded by Blood Pack Vorcha

Just as he finishes, the air-system shuts down. He states that he is willing to join your cause, but insists on curing the plague first. You can ask a few more questions and also tell him to send someone for the Batarian you met near the beginning of the Mission. Once you are finished talking to him, he will give you a new gun M-6 Carnifex, and will ask you to keep an eye out for his assistant Daniel, who went to administer the cure to some Batarians in Vorcha territory.

Grab the Medi-Gel next to the clinic exit and and leave the clinic, head up the stairs and get ready for another fight. Get into cover and face the Blood Pack mercs. Use Incinerate or Warp, on the Vorcha once you remove their armor to prevent them from regenerating. Be careful because two Krogan will spawn and will charge you. Once they are all down, you can find a gambling terminal which can be hacked for 3000 Credits and, a medical station for Medi-Gel.

Move up to the nearby set of stairs, there is a terminal you can hack for 5000 Credits. Go up the next set of stairs to find a short hallway with two doors. Take the left door to find Daniel and some Batarians. The situation is tense, but you can persuade the Batarians to let Daniel go to earn some Paragon points. You can let them leave peacefully or break your promise and kill them all (Renegade option). Daniel will return to Mordin's clinic and you will earn experience.

Leave the room and open the other room, at the end of the hall. You will find Blood Pack in the next room. Fight them, head down the stairs and move until you reach an enormous room with no roof. 

This is the entrance to the Environmental Control facility. You will find three interior staircases, all leading to the lower level, but don't take them, stay in the upper level for now. Up to 6 Blood Pack Heavies will appear, depending on the time it takes you to take out the Krogan and the Vorcha on the lower level. Stay on the upper level until the Heavies are down. 

Take out the remaining Blood Pack. Now would be a great time to save your game. Head to the door, and inside you will face more Blood Pack, this time in a small room. Take cover to face them and mind the Krogan, don't let him get too close. On the right you can find a Medi-Gel and some spare parts 1000 Credits. Head up the stairs and open the door.

You will find a Vorcha, who strangely likes to talk more than the rest of his brethren. He makes clear that they are working with the Collectors. Obviously, this will end in a battle. Once they are down, EDI will come over your comm and point you where to start the ventilation process by inserting the cure. To do so, you need to start the main system and inject the cure before continuing.

Save your game again, and move your squadmates into cover. As soon as you insert the cure, Vorcha and Krogan will join the party from where you entered. Vorcha Heavies will also appear on the catwalk across from your position. Try to focus on them first and then take the rest of the squad.

Once they are down you have to pick the ventilation-control room to attack first. Now you have to turn the fans and complete the Mission

Place your squadmates to cover on either the right or left side on the higher level, so that you can see a fan ventilation room foor down below. Get as close to that door on the higher level as you can. Once your teammates are located, move down slowly onto the lower level, and towards the fan ventilation room door. Once the door, turn back up to the higher level to your teammates and kill the 2 Vorcha and 1 Pyro that came out of the door. If your teammates are in cover far enough, the Enemies will stay in cover on the lowerlevel and you can kill them easily. Once they are all down, move your teammtes into cover again, and do the same, head to the door and if more Enemies spawn, get back up and repeat the process. You will know the process is complete when there are no new Enemies spawning from the room.

Do this again on the other side, reposition your squadmates and repeat the whole process. Before you pick a side to turn the fan on, get your squadmates into cover in the fan room on the sides of the doorway as enemies will spawn outside on the lower level when you turn on the fan. Some Enemies will stay in cover and some will charge you. If you get Eenemies out of cover, run back to the fan room and use your squadmates. It is important to be patient in this section of the game, because you can take them all out by doing so. Try to focus Krogan or Pyros first because they are the ones who will try to get near you. Clear everything out and then move over to the other fan room lower level. Grab all the available Medi-Gel and ammo before starting the second fan.

Once that's it activate the second fan and you will be quickly transported back to the clinic. Mordin tells you that the plague numbers are dropping throughout the district, so he is ready to join your crew. Once you are done with the clinic, return to the Normandy.

Inside the Normandy, Jacob is there with both you and Mordin and he tells him quickly about the situation with the Collectors. The Salarian points out that the only thing he needs is a well-equipped lab, and at that time EDI enters the conversation. Now you have access to the Tech Lab, where you are able to research upgrades for the Normandy, your Squad and for yourself.

Now is a good time to ask your teammates about upgrades, and once you do, they will be available on the Tech Lab to research.



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