Dossier: The Convict is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Dossier: The Convict is one of the four initial Dossiers given by the Illusive Man after completing Freedom's ProgressMissions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.


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Full Dossier: The Convict Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You are given this Mission by the Illusive Man after finishing Freedom's ProgressDossier: The Convict is one of the four initial Dossiers you receive from him (Six if you have the corresponding DLC).

You will find many synthetic Enemies, so bringing squad members that can use Overload or Disruptor Ammo can be useful. Once you are ready, head to Purgatory, located in Osun within the Hourglass Nebula.


Once you arrive at Purgatory, several guards will confront you asking you to relinquish your Weapons. You can get some morality points during the following conversation, either Paragon or Renegade. Immediately after, Warden Kuril will step forward and will take you through the facility. He explains that you are currently in the maximum security wing, and proceeds to explain that each pod is self-contained and can be ejected if necessary. He tells you how to get to retrieve Jack, once Cerberus' credits are transferred.

Move along the tunnels, to where the cells are. If you decide to talk with the guards you can earn some more morality points. Moving past the guards, you can talk to the next prisoner, and he details some inside info about how the prison actually works. The warden sells prisoners to earn some extra income, and asks if you can buy him, but changes his mind once he learns that you are looking for Jack.

Keep going along the hallway until you reach the door to outprocessing. Go to the door at the end of the room, and once you open it a cell is revealed. You see a cutscene where Warden Kuril comes over via intercom telling you that you are too valuable to leave the facility without a price tag.

After the cutscene ends, get into cover ASAP and target the doors as Blue Suns will start streaming through that door. FENRIS Mechs will also come through. Try to take the mercenaries from cover, once they are down, take all the available ammo and move out the door. Move your squadmates to take cover, because more mercenaries will try to take you down. Deal with them and move on.

Pick up the clips and enter the control booth. Deal with the tech and grab the refined Element Zero next to the door from where you entered and then the Medi-Gel near the exit. Now, access the console. One of your squadmates will point out that messing with the console will override the security for the whole prison. Jack is revived and not so happy about her time imprisoned. She destroys three YMIR Mechs with ease and escapes.

Once you are in control again, head to the door on your right and head down the ramp to where Jack was. You will find the destroyed YMIR Mechs. You can scan the one at the back to obtain a damage protection research upgrade, and then head into the hole that Jack made with her biotics. You will hear Warden Kuril telling all the Blue Suns that there is a riot in progress and Jack is loose. Keep moving along the hallway, grab the power cells and loot the dead guard to obtain some credits. Once you reach another hole, walk through it. 

Move your squad into cover and deal with the Blue Suns mercs and the prisoners, because both of them will try to kill you no matter what. After a while an YMIR Mech will emerge, dealing with any remaining prisoners and then focusing on you and your squad.

Once the mech is down, deal with the remaining Blue Suns and leave cover, to collect clips. Cross the bridge at the back and hack the dead guard's datapad to earn Credits. Scan the Shotgun to earn a damage research upgrade. Grab the Medi-Gel and hack the datapad once you are in the U-Shaped corridor.

Head into the next cellblock and you will find it full of Blue Suns. Head into cover and deal with the mercs, don't proceed under the bridge yet, because doing so will activate the YMIR Mech at the far side of the room. 

If you manage to defeat the second group of Blue Suns without activating the YMIR Mech, this will give you a chance to gather ammo, but as soon as you head underneath or to the upper section alongside it, the mech will activate and another group of Blue Suns will appear.

Once you deal with them, trigger the YMIR Mech and face it. Once all hostiles are gone, grab the credits from the Blue Sun soldier on your way to the next hallway. There you will find a wall safe, a medical station and power cells. It is a good moment to save your game, so do it and then open the door.

You will see a cutscene where Warden Kuril is using his M-76 Revenant to kill rioting prisoners. After that, he notices you and tells you that while he couldn't take you, he will still recapture Jack. This will start a fight, he has a shield that is protected by generators. Destroy the generators first and then attack him. Don't attack him on sight because it would be a waste of ammo.

You can take the center and left ones from your initial cover position, the right one is a little more difficult. More Enemies will be spawning from two different directions: from the door you came and from the door to the right. You can take this fight in two different ways. First you can decide to take out the spawning Enemies and then take down Warden Kuril, or you can race around to destroy the generators as fast as you can, and deal with Warden Kuril immediately, ending the Mission.

Once Warden Kuril falls, it doesn't matter how many Blue Suns are left, another cutscene will start.

Jack has reached the airlock, some guards try to stop her but it proves fruitless and she takes them down using her biotics. The Normandy outside draws Jack's interest. While she is checking the ship, a Batarian guard sneaks up on her and when he is ready to shoot her, Commander Shepard takes him down with his pistol. Jack turns around and a conversation with her starts.

You can get a few interesting comments from Jack if Miranda or Jacob are in your team. You can earn a few morality points here and there depending on how the conversation unfolds. Jack wants access to Cerberus' files onboard the ship, but Miranda and Jacob don't agree and thinks that's an awful idea. You can lie to Jack to get her on board, or you can grant her access to the desired files. The Normandy leaves Purgatory while it explodes. 

Once back in your ship, Jack insists on getting access to the files. You can either accept her demand or tell her to settle in the ship first. You can find Jack down the stairs, outside main engineering.



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