Zaeed: The Price of Revenge


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission




Zaeed Massani


Experience Points
M-451 Firestorm
Heavy Weapon Ammo
Assault Rifle Damage
Inferno Grenade
x1600/2000 Palladium

Zaeed: The Price of Revenge is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Zaeed: The Price of Revenge is is about Zaeed's previous assignment before being hired by Cerberus. He had taken a mission to go to Zorya in order to liberate a refinery from the Blue Suns.. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Zaeed: The Price of Revenge Walkthrough

Getting Ready

During this Mission you will be facing primarily shielded Enemies, so if you have Overload it can be very useful, if not, try to bring a third member to the team that can use it. Also, it is advised to tell Zaeed Massani to equip his Sniper Rifle for this Mission.


Head to Zorya, located in the Faia System of the Ismar Frontier Cluster. When you land, Zaeed taps into the Blue Suns communications and warns about possible ambushes. Head down the path, and you will find some dead bodies, according to Zaeed this is unmistakably Vido's work.

You will hear another radio communication of the Blue Suns, so after turning round a corner to the right, get into cover ASAP because you will have your first hostile encounter of the Mission.

Try to stay behind the cover available near the entrance to the clearing. You have a good sight on them from this position and help you to keep them from flanking you. Deal with the Enemies from here, and keep moving to the right as long as you eliminate them. Keep in mind that there is a heavy with a Missile Launcher, on an elevated platform.  

Once the first wave of Enemies is gone, move up, and get into cover because you won't be alone for too long. This new wave of Enemies includes a FENRIS Mech, Blue Suns Troopers, a Blue Suns Heavy and a Blue Suns Pyro. When you defeat them all, you will hear a fall back order from the radio. You can find a med-kit in the area, head to the bridge controls to continue.

When you are interacting with the bridge controls, Santiago Vido comes over the radio and tells the Blue Suns that he will personally kill anyone who retreats while you are still alive. You learn that both Santiago and Zaeed started the Blue Suns 20 years ago. You can learn more about the story if you select the "twenty years?" dialogue option. Keep moving up, and then Santiago Vido comes over the radio again, this time he tells that your position is compromised and orders all squads to gather at the southern entrance to the facility. Keep moving along the path, and on your left you will find a crate that contains some refined Palladium. Move to the gatehouse after you grab it.

When you open the door, a cutscene starts. You see Santiago Vido and some Blue Suns mercs on an upper platform, he encourages Zaeed into firing him as he goes into cover. Zaeed's rounds hit a metal pipe near Vido, prompting Santiago to ask if he is going nearsighted. As fate or skill would have it, the pipe was actually full of explosive gas and ends up blowing, injuring Vido and killing some of his men. Zaeed proceeds to break a valve, setting off a chain reaction that starts to destroy the whole facility. 

After this, two troopers will advance on your squad, take them down. You can find another crate of refined Palladium, near to where Zaeed smacked open the pipe. Leave the area and head across the catwalk to the next one. Before you reach a door, look to the right to find yet again more refined Palladium. Enter the door and another cutscene is triggered.

You have to make the most important choice of the Mission, you either save the workers and the facility itself or go after an injured Santiago Vido. You can obtain a different upgrade depending on what choice you make here. A Heavy Weapon  Ammo upgrade (Microfusion Array) on the Paragon Route and an Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade (Kinetic Pulsar) on the Renegade one.

Paragon Route: Save the facility

If you decide to take this path, you intimidate Zaeed, who agrees to help. You jump down on a lower platform, move from there and head to a door, bypass it and enter. Then head up the stairs and open the next door. You will find the room on fire. Move around to find the three fuel control stations to redirect the fuel. 

  • The first one is next to the first set of stairs in the room
  • The second one can be found once you walk over the large pipe on the left. You can find a generator pipe in the corner, that can be salvaged for x6000 Credits.
  • The third one is next to a catwalk.

You will find some workers behind a glass wall. They tell you that the extinguishing system is upstairs and that the doors won't open until the fires are out. Get upstairs and an explosion will drop a flaming pipe on the floor in front of you, so head to the right to get around this obstacle. Reach the other side to grab a crate that contains Palladium and head into the room. Grab the Microfusion Array and access the fire control systems to extinguish the fires. Head out the door and down the catwalk.

Renegade Route: Go after Santiago Vido

If you chose to go after the merc leader, proceed through a door while an explosion is heard behind you. You will enter another room with a door, enter it and then take cover. You will find three Blue Suns in the area. They shouldn't pose a threat, deal with them any way you like. There will be another Blue Suns Trooper coming down a ramp bridge, but an explosion will take him down, along with the bridge. Turn right and take cover because this time you will face a Blue Suns Pyro accompanied by two Blue Suns Troopers. When you are done with them, head into the door from where they came from, to obtain credits from a servo and Kinetic Pulsar from a terminal.

You will fight three more Blue Suns Troopers and another Blue Suns Pyro. Take them down, and when you move up, more mercs will spawn. Be specially mindful of the Heavy on the upper platform to the left. Try to take him down first to avoid complications.  Once they are dust, head into the next door. 

No matter your choice, you will find another refined Palladium crate on the left on top of a pipe. You will find the M-451 Firestorm in the second room, and two Blue Suns Troopers inside the adjacent one. Once they are down, you can obtain credits from a datapad (Paragon only), there is a Weapons Locker and Power Cells for you to grab. Head into the next room. 

Upon entering the room, you will hear a radio transmission from Santiago Vido that will change depending on the path you've decided to take. This is the largest room of the facility, and there's plenty of cover, but also Enemies as well. Move you and your squad into cover, and be sure to check your right often because Blue Suns like to flank you from that position.

Blue Suns Troopers and Blue Suns Pyros come out from two side rooms just ahead of you, and will attempt to rush you. Eventually, the two large tanks at either end of the side of the room will start spraying fire and moving. This is your cue to focus on them, because the flames can flush you from cover and inflict panic on you. Once they are down, you will see an YMIR Mech on the back, it won't activate until the last Blue Suns merc has been killed.

The YMIR Mech tend to focus more on you than on your teammates, so use that to your advantage. Once the mech is no more, grab the thermal clips to replenish your ammo. and there's also a Medi-Gel in the area. Head into the door from where the Blue Suns mercs cam out from, to find two salvageable parts each worth x6000 Credits. The other two doors contain nothing, so you can ignore them. Head to the large door, located at the opposite side of the room.

Paragon Route

Santiago Vido limps onto a gunship and curses Zaeed over the radio. Zaeed fires the Assault Rifle he has at the gunship until it overheats. He doesn't manage to kill Vido, but the guard next to him. Zaeed ejects the heat sink and turns on you with his gun pointed, accusing you of costing him 20 years of his life. While doing so, the overheated heat sink ignites some fuel which then explodes, causing a metal beam to collapse and pin Zaeed beneath it. You will strike a conversation with him.

During the conversation, eventually you will arrive at a Charm option. If you can't use the persuade option then you save him, but you do not gain his loyalty.

If you use the persuasion option then you will put a pistol to Zaeed's head, reminding him that the Mission always comes first and scolding him for letting his grudge get the better of him. He gets the point, and understands that the Mission comes first. You then board the shuttle back to the Normandy.

It is important to note that if you do this Mission after the suicide mission, you choose the Paragon Path, and have at least two more squad members left, there will be an option to leave Zaeed to die when a metal beam collapses on him. 

Renegade Route

Santiago Vido is caught limping towards the shuttle, when Zaeed fires a shot and gets his attention, causing Vido to turn and respond. Zaeed fires a round but doesn't kill him and proceeds to eject a thermal clip from his pistol into a pool of fuel that his former comrade is lying in. The fuel burns Vido alive and Zaeed turns and walks away.


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