Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission






Experience Points
Kinetic Pulsar
Reave (Samara)
Dominate (Morinth)
x2000 Iridium

Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi is about Samara's daughter, Morinth. She suffers a rare genetic defeat that allows her to destroy her partner's mind during sex. Samara has a good lead on her whereabouts and intends to end her carrer of serial sex-murders.. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi Walkthrough

Getting Ready

 This Loyalty Mission doesn't involve combat at all. It is important to note that a unique ending to this Mission requires one of the most demanding Paragon or Renegade checks in the game, meaning it can be advisable to take on this Mission only after completing others and acquiring as many Morality points as possible.


Samara opens up to you and tells you she has been hunting her own daughter, Morinth, for the last 400 years. Morinth is an Ardat-Yakshi, an Asari with a rare genetic disorder that causes her mates to die during their sexual encounter. Apparently, Morinth is on Omega.

Once you land on Omega, EDI states that she is unable to discern any pattern in the deaths on Omega that would point to an Ardat-Yakshi. Aria T'Loak, the de facto ruler of Omega, might know something. When you talk to her, she points points you to Nef, a young Human woman who was the Ardat-Yakshi's last victim, who lived in the apartments nearby.

At the aparments you will find Diana, Nef's mother. You can earn some morality points in the conversation with her, and she gives you permission to search the room for clues.

Inside the apartment you will find a note, a diary containing 3 entries to listen to and a statue to examine. By examining the evidence you learn a few things:

  • Morinth likes the Elcor artist Forta
  • The vid Vaenia
  • The Drug Hallex.
  • The password for the VIP section of Afterlife is Jaruut's name.

After obtaining this information, you and Samara come up with a plan to lure Morinth into a trap by using yourself as bait.

Travel to the VIP section of Afterlife, it is located near the Omega Market, and use Jaruut's name to get it. Near the entrance, you will find Vij, a human male. He is looking to obtain tickets for a band named Expel 10, to impress an Asari. You can tell him to get away from you to earn some Renegade points. You can now interact with the people in the club to attract Morinth's attention.

After three successful activities, Morinth will ask you to join her. If you fail to make an impression on at least 4 activities will result in a complete Mission failure. Morinth escapes and Samara's loyalty remains unsecured for the rest of the playthrough.

 These are the 6 activities in which you can be involved to impress Morinth:

  • Dance with Maera: Choose the Paragon option on her if you want to dance, the other lines won't work and lead you to fail the activity.
  • Insult Verf: Verf is a Krogan who talks trash against Humans as you pass by his corner of the bar. You can challenge him to a fight outside, but both of you have a staredown instead. You win. Any other reply, won't make an impression on Morinth.
  • Buy the club a round of drinks: Talk to the bartender Edwin, and if you have enough Paragon points you can convince him to issue a round of drinks on the house. Or, you can offer to buy the club one round yourself. 
  • Intimidate Vertin and Huck: You will find two Turians would-be muggers discussing their plans for the night. If you Intimidate them, it results in a quick fight and some Renegade points.
  • Stop a Turian from soliciting an Asari dancer: a Turian called Meln has been too insistent in acquiring Hallia for activities other than dancing.  Intervene and you'll deliver a beatdown on the Turian. If not, Hallia does it by herself, failing this activity.
  • Prevent the death of an undercover journalist: Talk to Horftin, to begin this activity. He and his companion Moirall had been profiling gang leaders in secret, but he has learned that Moirall's cover has been blown. Go to the other side of the club to talk to Florit, and use the agreed-upon warning phrase within Moirall's hearing in this order: "terminal" and "eternity". Any other dialogue annoys Florit and he won't deal with you any further, causing this activity to fail.

Once you picked her attention, Morinth takes you to her booth for a chat. If you use the clues previously learned, and is confident while expressing a desire for violence, she invites you to her apartment. You should start with the "I'm confident" option and then, in any order, choose the folllowing:

  • Travel, enjoying the danger, and the belif that power is its own reward.
  • Art and "vids", and the violence contained within them. Mentioning Vaenia specifically helps, as well as Forta.
  • Music, the band Expel 10, a history with drugs, new drug interests, or mentioning the Hallex.

Remember that if she loses interest, she will leave and you will fail the Mission.

Once in her room, you can examine various items, but the only worth mentioning is the Assault Rifle that once scanned grants you a Kinetic Pulsar. Whenever you are ready, strike a conversation with Morinth. The first two choices are unimportant, and for the third one, you can use a Charm or Intimidate option to resist her seduction. This demands and extremely high Charm/Intimidate check in order to pass. 

The charade is over and Samara enters the room and have a biotic battle, but are obviously evenly matched. If you were able to resist Morinth's advances earlier, you can choose whether to help Samara or Morinth, and you will receive a big amount of Morality points. If you weren't able to resist Morinth before, you won't have a choice, you help Samara and won't get any Morality Points.

If Morinth is killed, Samara becomes loyal and her Reave Power is unlocked. On the other hand, if Samara is the one who dies, Morinth disguises herself as her, and assumes the place of her mother, so no one else on the Normandy is able to tell the difference. Morinth is automatically loyal after these events and she bring along her Dominate Power.


How to unlock Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi


Enemies found on Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi

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Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi Rewards


Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi Notes & Tips

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