Jacob: The Gift of Greatness


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission


2175 Aeia


Jacob Taylor


Experience Points
Titan Pulsar
x500 Element Zero

Jacob: The Gift of Greatness is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Jacob: The Gift of Greatness is is about Jacob's father and his disappearance ten years ago on the MSV Hugo Gernsback. Last week, the ship sent out a distress call reporting a crash on the planet 2175 Aeia. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Jacob: The Gift of Greatness Walkthrough

Getting Ready

During this Mission you will be facing both organic and synthetic Enemies. Jacob's Incendiary Ammo can help against armor and organics, try to choose a second squadmate that deals good damage to synthetics and barriers.


Once you arrive at 2175 Aeia, the shuttle drops you to the south of the MSV Hugo Gernsback. Jacob comments that the ship is almost intact, and the crew may have survived the impact. When you approach the ship, you will find the distress beacon VI on the right of the bridge. You can find an officer's log to the left that will give you some information regarding the crash, and what happened before the activation of the beacon.

Into the ship you will find a few more logs, that reveal a troubling picture of the crew experiencing loss of higher cognitive functions and the officers taking advantage of that situation. You can also find a datapad, that nets you x3000 Credits.

Leave the ship, and across from the bridge are some parts that can be salvaged. You can recover these either before or after you talk to the beacon. Talking with the beacon you learn that Captain Fairchild was killed in the crash, and Jacob's father was promoted to Acting Captain. You also learn that it was set up about a year after the crash, but was activated recently, just a few weeks ago. It tells you that the local flora impairs mental functioning.

When you move on, you will find a female survivor, who is babbling about how the leader said someone from the sky would save them. You can earn some morality points base on your answer. While you are talking to her, you see someone sneaking up on you. A Paragon Interrupt will allow you to save her life. Use the crates and pipes around you for cover to take out the ambushers.

Once they are all down, take the salvageable parts for x1500 Credits on the left, located near to where the hunters appeared. Move along, and you will eventually come across a stripped mech, Jacob will say that the hunters must be putting on a lot of pressure. Keep moving to find a little settlement.

You will find that this is a female encampment, and apparently men and women are separated. Upon arriving, some members of the encampment take a good look at Jacob and become terrified. Mo ve around, and examine the food stores, to your right. Jacob Taylor will say that they are completely spoiled, and that the women here must have been eating the native plant life. You can find a Medi-Gel to the left of the food.

Be ready to face some LOKI Mechs as you move further into the camp. Take them out and in the center of the camp you can find a datapad on a crate for x2100 Credits and to the right some spare parts that can be examined to obtain x1500 Credits.

You will find the ship's doctor nearby, and she gives you a datapad. You can learn from it that the crew was divided into officers and crew. The officers hoarded all the food, leaving the survivors with no option but to consume the local toxic food. Within a year, all the male crew members were either dead or exiled and women were assigned to officers like property.

Bypass the nearby disabled mech's safeties to blow up a barricade, allowing you to progress. Once you hack it, move to safety, because it will explode and can damage you.

Move over to the dead bodies and one of your squad members will note that the older corpses appear to be posed, as a warning. Ronald Taylor comes over the PA system, he says his crew mutinied and that he only just now got free. Jacob refuses to believe anything he is saying. Jacob's father also mentions that his security system has gone haywire and they will attack anything. You will have to fight LOKI Mechs on the way to wherever Ronald Taylor is hiding. 

Get into cover, because you will face some Mechs at the top of the hill. Once the initial mechs are down, you can move your squadmates into cover at the center of the clearing using the rocks to the right and the crates around the transmitter as cover. Take out the next batch of Mechs and move your squadmates up, because there will be more mechs coming from the crates at the back, and also from the right.

As you advance, multiple waves of LOKI Mechs will come at you. Once you take them all out, explore near the large crates, to obtain x1500 Credits from some spare parts and a Heavy Pistol Upgrade (Titan Pulsar). Keep moving along and up the path, you will find another encampment. Use the crates as cover for all three members of the team. Ronald will come over the PA system again, stating that it took him years to train his guards and they will defend him with their lives. Once you take out the additional Mechs, move up to the canopy where you will find some items. Medi-Gel, Power Cells and some spare parts that net you x1500 Credits. This is a good point to save your game, do it and then move on.

Enter the next area, and use the large wall as protection. You will have to fight the trained human guards Jacob's father mentioned earlier through the PA system, some LOKI Mechs and an YMIR Mech. The YMIR is specially dangerous because it will move around and try to flank you if you stay behind the wall, so fall back if you need to. The YMIR Mech will not chase you past the wall where the Medi-Gel was located, so use this to your advantage. Once the YMIR is down, the rest of the fight shouldn't pose much of a threat. 

Once the fight is over, move around the clearing to obtain x500 Element Zero and a datapad that nets you x2400 Credits. When you are ready, open the last door and head up to Ronald Taylor.

When you arrive, Ronald thinks you are there to rescue him from his insane crew. Jacob questions his father and eventually you can reintroduce them. Ronald then says he wasn't ready for the burden of command and how it changed him, and tries to convince you that he did what was best. Jacob states that something went wrong, and his father has been living a childhood fantasy for ten years.

What happens then is up to you:

  • Take him to be arrested by Alliance officials.
  • Abandon him to be attacked at the hands of the survivors.
  • Have Jacob Taylor leave him  a half-charged pistol so that he can commit suicide.

After the choice, you return to the Normandy, and you go immediately to the comm room, where you see Jacob talking to the Illusive Man. He accuses the Illusive Man of passing the distress signal to him, but the Illusive Man denies it. Jacob is puzzled and asks who did, and Miranda shows up, stating that she did in order to fulfill an old promise. The Illusive Man disconnects, not before telling Miranda that they will discuss protocols at a later time.
Commander Shepard asks Jacob why Miranda did that, and he replies that Miranda keeps her promises, but he actually can't remember which one. 


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