Tali: Treason


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission


Migrant Fleet




Experience Points
Cyclonic Particles
Multicore Amplifier
Energy Drain
x2000 Palladium

Tali: Treason is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Tali: Treason is about Tali's charge of treason received by the Admiralty Board of the Migrant Fleet. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Tali: Treason Walkthrough

Getting Ready

Tali is obviously the first member to accompany you to this Mission. You will be facing Geth so it is advised to level up her AI Hacking Power. Overload is also a great tool at your disposal, so your second member can be Miranda Lawson, Garrus Vakarian or Kasumi Goto


When the Normandy arrives at the Migrant Fleet, there's some suspicion because the Normandy is a registered Cerberus vessel. Regardless, Tali's passphrase allows you to proceed without much trouble. You will be greeted by Captain Kar'Danna. If by some reason, your second squad member is Legion, they will welcome you while pointing at you with their Weapons. You can use Charm or Intimidate to convince Captain Kar'Danna to allow Legion on board. Otherwise, the Geth must return to the Normandy, and you must select another teammate. 

Captain Kar'Danna reveals that Tali faces charges for smuggling active Geth into the fleet. Tali has been sending deactivated Geth samples to the fleet, on the orders of her father Admiral Rael'Zorah

You will be greeted by Admiral Shala'Raan, who addresses Tali as Tali'Zorah vas Normandy. Tali hugs her, calling her Auntie Raan, and introduces her to you as a friend of her father. Tali also realizes that she was called "vas Normandy", because apparently she has been stripped of her Quarian ship's name. Since you are the captain of Tali's ship, you are her advocate in the hearing. You can obtain two Paragon Points or two Renegade Points depending on your reaction to this information. 

The hearing starts. The admirals state that the lab ship Alarei has been overrun by Geth and Tali's father, who was aboard that ship, is presumed dead. You and Tali propose to re-take the Alarei and the hearing is recessed pending the recovery of the ship an any data that might be obtained to prove what truly happened.

You can talk to the admirals, Veetor and Kal'Reegar (If he survived Haestrom), for more story and context about the Quarians. Veetor and Kal'Reegar come to support Tali publicly. For this to happen you have to meet two conditions. At the end of Freedom's Progress don't give Veetor over to Cerberus and, obviously, Kal'Reegar needs to survive Haestrom. You learn that the hearing is actually a facade of the members of the Admiral Board, in order to advance their own individiual agendas. Admiral Raan ordered the trail to draw Tali back and maintain fleet stability. Admiral Xen is interested in studying AI, to regain control of the Geth. If Legion is present she will be fascinated by it. Admiral Gerrel advocates a war to retake the Quarian world and Admiral Gerrel wants to make peace with the Geth

When you are ready, you and your team take a shuttle to Alarei. You arrive at a room that has two Geth Troopers that are quickly reinforced by two Geth Hunters and more Geth Troopers. Since the room is small, try to do everything at your disposal to take them down as quickly as possible. 

You will find a med-kit with Medi-Gel and two laptops that can be interacted with to obtain x1500 credit and x1800, respectively, Power Cells and a Quarian Log. When you watch the log, you will see a Quarian scientist reporting that something is slowing down the systems, so they are taking down the firewalls. Admiral Rael'Zorah ordered them to bypass standard safeties. 

Through the hallway you will find a medbay, in there you will find Medi-Gel, a terminal that can be hacked to obtain x4200 credits and a repair drone, that Tali had sent to her father. If you access it, she talks about what parts of the Geth she sent to her father and how she did it.

Keep going through the hallway, to find a small office. There you will find a monitor that can be hacked to obtain Cylonic Particles. You will find another Quarian log in the hallway between the medbay and the small office. When accessed,  you can see a Quarian researcher realizing that the Geth have infiltrated their computers. 

Continue through the door and into the next room, there is a Geth Hunter there, deal with it. There are two laptops in this room, you can obtain x1800 Credits and x2100 Credits respectively. You can also find a Wall Safe near the stairs that can be bypassed to obtain x4200 Credits and another Quarian log, this time showing a researcher before being overrun by Geth.

Go up the stairs. Geth Troopers and Geth Hunters will come towards you, so take cover immediately. This is a difficult battle, use AI Hacking and Overload as much as possible. 

After the battle, you can loot a crate to obtain x2000 Palladium and a med-kit with a Medi-Gel. You will find a wall console in the adjacent room. Interact it to trigger a conversation with Tali. Her father promised her a house on the home world, and she is concerned that the research on the Alarei was her father trying to fulfill that promise to her. You can advocate taking back the homeworld or wandering the stars for up to 4 Renegade or Paragon points. You can also bypass a Wall Safe to obtain x3000 Credits.

Go through the door, you will be on the second-floor of a two-level room. From the lower level you will see Geth Troopers and Geth Hunters. You are again fighting at close quarters in a small room with little cover. If you have spent point in Tali's Combat Drone Power you can use it to distract some Enemies and rendering the fight a little bit easier.

Once the battle is over, you will find a med-kit that contains Medi-Gel, two laptos, with x1800 Credits and x2400 Credits respectively and another Quarian log. When you access it, you confirm that it was Admiral Rael'Zorah's intention to take back the home world.

Beyond this point, you will find his dead body. You can decide to comfort Tali with a Paragon interrupt or dialogue choices to earn morality points. She finds a recorded message that her father recorded for her. His last words to her are to destroy the main Geth hub and bring the data to Admirals Xen and Gerrel. 

You will find  a med-kit with some Medi-Gel, two wall safes that require bypassing. One nets you x1500 Credits and the other one x2700 Credits. There are also some power Cells. It is advised to save your game before venturing forth.

Head up the stairs and you will find a Geth Prime, a Geth Hunter and two Geth Troopers. When you enter the room, they have their backs turned towards the squad, so you have the opportunity to make a first strike. Make it count. 

When the fight is over, you can pick a Quarian Model Ship for the Model Ship collection, access a laptop to obtain x3000 Credits. Then head to the evidence console. There you will learn that Admiral Rael'Zorah was reactivating Geth and linking them in neural networks to reach sapience in order to perform Weapons test on them. However, He makes it clear that Tali has no knowledge of his criminal activities. When Tali sees this, she begs you not to reveal the evidence at the trial in order to preserve her father's name. After you use the console, you return automatically to the Rayya.

When you return to the main ship, you discover that the Admirals presumed you dead and were about to pronounce judgement in absentia. Once approached, they ask if you discovered anything on the Alarei. You have now a few choices:

  • Use Charm or Intimidate to point to Tali's history as proof as that she would never betray her people. If you took the time to speak to the Admiral board before heading to Alarei, the speech will gratitate more on how Tali's trial is being abused and there are other underlying political interests. Either way, the Admiralty board will exonerate Tali, and she will become loyal. You also earn 30 points of the corresponding Morality.
  • If you lie and say that there was no evidence to be found, you gain 30 Paragon Points. Although Tali is found guilty and consequently exiled from the Migrant Fleet, she becomes loyal.
  • If you spoke to the admirals about their motivations and Veetor and Kal'Reegar are present, and you asked them for their help before leaving for the Alarei, you can rally the crowd. This option only becomes availablle if Veetor was returned to the Fleet at the end of Freedom's Progress, and Kal'Reegar survived Haestrom. They will state that Tali did more for the fleet than the admirals ever will. This will cause the Admirals to find her not guilty, netting you 30 Paragon Points and her loyalty.
  • You can present the evidence of Tali's father crimes, earning you 30 Renegade Points. She is declared innocent, but her father is posthumously exiled and his name is stricken from the rolls on every ship he served. This causes Tali to be angry at you, and she will not become loyal.

If Tali is found not guilty, Admiral Shala'Raan gives you a Multicore Amplifier as a reward. Once the trial is completed, you can decide to talk to the admirals or any other Quarian involved. 

If you talk to Admiral Han'Gerrel after Tali has been found not guilty, he will ask what had happened on the Alarei. You can confide in him about what Tali's father was doing. He will be shocked by the news, but promises to keep it a secret. Admiral Daro'Xen also asks about happened, but Tali immediately reply that it's nothing that would help her.

If you talked with the Admirals before the trial, you'll get dialogue options in which you can request them move in a particular direction. Namely to declare at war with the Geth and attempt to retake the home world or, try to make peace with the Geth. No matter your choice, they'll reply that they consider it. Tali retains her changed name, and is listed as Tali'Zorah vas Normandy.



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