Thane: Sins of the Father


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission




Thane Krios


Experience Points
Titan Pulsar
Shredder Ammo

Thane: Sins of the Father is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Thane: Sins of the Father is about Thane's son, Kolyat Krios. He has taken a contract as a hitman, and Thane needs to stop him to prevent him from making the same mistakes he did. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for the final Mission of the game.


Thane: Sins of the Father Walkthrough

Getting Ready

Like Samara's Loyalty Mission, there are no Enemies to be faced here. 


Head to the Citadel with Thane as one of your squad members. Talk to Captain Bailey at C-Sec, and ask him about Thane's son. He checks and finds a local petty criminal named Mouse, was seen talking to a Drell. Mouse was a poor kid who grew up in the Citadel. He is also selling VIs of Commander Shepard. You can find Mouse on Level 28, near Rodam Expeditions. He recognizes Thane Krios immediately, because a decade ago, Thane used a young Mouse to gather information on his assassination targets. You have several ways to convince him to tell you who hired Thane's son:

  • Charm option nets you 5 Paragon points.
  • Intimidate option net you 5 Renegade points.
  • Intimidate interrupt, awards you 5 Renegade points.
  • You can pay him x3000 Credits.

He will reveal that Elias Kelham, hired Kolyat for a hit.

To learn about the Commander Shepard VIs that Mouse is selling you have to ask him about them before asking about Kelham. You can ask for a copy of the VI, tell Mouse to stop selling them or for a cut of the profits he is earning by selling your image. Head back to C-Sec once you are done with Mouse.

Ask Captain Bailey for help to find Kolyat. The situation gets awkward now because Captain Bailey and Elias Kelham have an arrangement. The criminal bribes the Captain in order for him to look the other way. In the end, the C-Sec Captain is willing to help you by arresting Elias Kelham. You have the opportunity to interrogate him before his lawyer arrives, again several options are presented before you:

  • You can intimidate him by saying "I'm a Spectre. Start talking". It doesn't matter if you were actually reinstated by the Council.
  • You can beat him three times to make him confess in time. This is done by using the three Renegade interrupts. 
  • Don't use the first two Renegade interrupts, but only the third one to use the Spectre card (If reinstated by the council). Doing so gives, Elias Kelham gives you the confession before the lawyer arrives. 
  • At the last dialogue point, use the Charm or Intimidate option to get the confession. 
  • If you don't manage to get the confession before his lawyer shows up, you can still pull the Spectre card (If reinstated by the Council), or make a deal which either blackmails his lawyer that Kelham was bribing people or threaten everyone in the room with a Weapon. The advocate will either be powerless to stop you or, wisely advise Kelham to make a deal. 
  • If you didn't knock out Elias Kelham or used all the Charm options, you can choose to rat Mouse for some Renegade Points.

Eventually, he will confess to ordering the hit on Joram Talid, a Turian running for local office.

Captain Bailey arranges for transportation to where Talid is located. Thane Krios tells you to shadow Talid from the catwalks from above. To the right, you can find a datapad that will provide an upgrade (Titan Pulsar). Then, you can update Thanke on Talid's location. This is the meat and bones of the Mission. Getting close to Talid, update Thane and then wait for the Turian to move again.

If you do not update Thane on his son's location, a cutscene will interrupt you, and you'll see Kolyat murdering Talid. This will lead to Thane lament that his son's path was inevitable. Although the Mission will be labeled as completed, Thane Krios will not be loyal. 

After the fourth update, Talid will wait outside a store while his Krogan bodyguard goes inside. Then both will run into a nightclub and meet a group of Krogan.

Up in the catwalks, you will encounter a stock boy called Jim Reynolds, To get past him, you have three options: an Intimidate interrupt, Charm or Intimidate. You get 5 Paragon points for the Charm option and each of the other two grant you 5 Renegade points. If you don't choose one of these options, you will be given more Intimidate interrupts, Charm options and renegade options until you finally knock him out for zero morality points.

Kolyat is waiting for Joram Talid. He manages to wound the bodyguard and pursues the Turian to his apartment. Both you and Thane Krios chase after Kolyat. Once you reach Talid's apartment, Kolyat is ready to kill Talid when you arrive along with a C-Sec officer and his father, Thane Krios. You can use a Paragon interrupt to distract Kolyat and disarm him. If not, you can wound Kolyat or killing Joram Talid.

Kolyat is angry at his father for only just now caring about him. You and the C-Sec officer give the Drells the chance to have a private talk. Back at the C-Sec station, Captain Bailey tells you about a series or murders ten years ago he has found into the archives, and the primary suspect was a Drell. You tell him not to pursue those cases.

At the end, you discuss with Captain Bailey and Thane Krios what to do with Kolyat since he attempted murder.

  • Use the charm option to obtain +5 Paragon points, sending Kolyat to do community service.
  • Use the Intimidate option to obtain +5 Renegade points, to allow Captain Bailey to employ Kolyat privately.
  • Do neither, will end up with Kolyat imprisoned. 


How to unlock Thane: Sins of the Father


Enemies found on Thane: Sins of the Father

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Thane: Sins of the Father Rewards


Thane: Sins of the Father Notes & Tips

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