Kasumi: Stealing Memory


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission




Kasumi Goto


Experience Points
M-12 Locust
Multicore Amplifier
Flashbang Grenade
x2000 Platinum

Kasumi: Stealing Memory is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Kasumi: Stealing Memory is about recovering a stolen graybox that used to belong to Kasumi's partner Keiji Okuda from Donovan Hock, an arms dealer. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Kasumi: Stealing Memory Walkthrough

Getting Ready

Sadly for this Loyalty Mission you don't get to choose a third teammate, so it's only Kasumi Goto and you. If you have Energy Drain as a bonus Power, it is recommended to bring it since there are several long firefights.


As stated before, only Commander Shepard and Kasumi Goto take part in this Mission. You can ask Kasumi about your cover, and your formal outfit. The cover will be either Solomon Gunn or Alison Gunn depending on your Commander Shepard's gender. 

Kasumi will then go over the plan, but to resume the essential is you will be going to a party at Hock's house, you will break into his vault and grab the graybox of Kasumi's deceased partner and lover, Keiji Okuda. You will bring in a statue of Saren Arterius, which actually conceals your Weapons and Armor. So basically, you arm up, break into the vault, obtain Keiji's graybox and then leave Hock's complex.

When you arrive at the entrance to the party, one of the guards will start scanning your gift. This causes Donovan Hock to come out. You can respond in any way you wish, then the guard turns up nothing and lets you proceed but insists that Kasumi must stay outside. Respond to that Kasumi will pull you aside and is understanding of why she must wait outside. However, Kasumi activates her cloak and heads inside with you.

You can enjoy yourself while you can inside the party, and when you reach the end of the corridor off to the left is a security office that Kasumi says you will need to get access to eventually, then she reminds you about the vault so move on. Donovan Hock is unavailable for talking to the moment, so head onto the deck and read a datapad. Apparently, there is a Chief Roe in charge and Kasumi says that if you can get into the guards' communications it would help.

Heading back inside, you will find a door that leads to Donovan Hock private quarters, guarded by a merc called Samuels. You can't get in there yet, so move to the vault on the lower level.

As you get close to the door, Kasumi decloaks herself and examines the vault door. After examining it, she states that three things are needed in order to open it:

  • Cut the power to the kinetic barrier
  • Geth samples of Donovan Hock's DNA from his private quarters for the DNA Scanner
  • Record a voice sample to allow Kasumi to reconstruct the password using a programmed version of Donovan Hock's voice.

Go head for Donovan Hock, and follow Kasumi's advice and keep him talking. Use the Paragon or Renegade options to draw him into giving a speech, giving Kasumi a lot of material to work on. Keep in mind that if you don't have enough morality points, you will have to use the correct options to keep him talking long enough in order to get a good enough sample. Head to the security office and Kasumi will decloak, bypass the lock and take out the two mercs in the room.  Once they are down, Kasumi will say to look around. You can access a Wall Safe to obtain x7200 Credits and a medi-gel from the medical station next to it. You can find a datapad with the password for the lock, on the other side of the room.

Now you have to obtain Donovan Hock's DNA you need to get into his private rooms. You can do it subtly or you use brute force to access them.

Subtle Method

To do this, you have to convince Samuels, the guard who is protecting the entrance to the room. Before granting you access, he will want to verify your access with Chief Roe. You will need to enter the security room, located to the left of where Donovan Hock is standing, take out the two Eclipse guards, and read the dapatad that can be found on the desk. Said datapad contains the password, Peruggia, and after reading it Kasumi states that she now has a sample of Chief Roe's voice. Access the wall safe and the medical station nearby.

Don't return to Samuels just yet, and head into the balcony. There is a datapad next to a couple sitting on the railing, opposite to Donovan Hock's quarters. The datapad contains a message from Samuels declining some sort of invitation to sneak away from the party. Kasumi will radio and prompt you to speak with the guard again. You have to tell him that Chief Roe sent you. When you actually talk to Samuels, he states he will call Chief Roe to validate this, at that moment Kasumi tips into the conversation, pretending to be Chief Roe, and granting you access.  Take the stairs down and into the bedroom

Brute Force

The brute option is to just simply to break into the bedroom from the balcony outside. Head outside and towards the right side nearest the bedroom you will find a prompt named "Balcony Railing", where you can jump down. As you land, Kasumi decloaks, and you have to fight three Eclipse guards that are outside the building. When the three of them are down, head to the fallen panel and onto the ledge. Shoot the window and head inside. If you activate the alarma clock inside ,it will summon two more guards. 

 Inside you will find many things you can interact with.

  • Couch: DNA
  • Second Couch: x1 Credit
  • Wineglass: DNA
  • Ashtray: Nothing
  • Plants: Nothing
  • Papers: You learn that Donovan Hock has been trying to crack the grayboy, until now unsuccessfully.
  • Antique Weapons Set: Contaminated DNA
  • Bypass the wall safe: x7800 Credits (If you fail the bypass, guards will be summoned)
  • Keyboard: Nothing
  • Datapad: 
  • Alarm Clock: Wake-up call. If you broke through the window guards will be summoned. 
  • Pillow: Nothing.

Kasumi will tell you when you have enough, leave and head back up. If you used the sublte approach and didn't trigger the alarm clock, you will have to fight two guards. The barrier power coils are along the floor to the right when you exit the vault. Kasumi will configure your Omni-tool to scan for the power source. Now head upt the stairs ahead and around, until you eventually reach the fireplace. Pull the statue on the wall and that will disable the barrier. 

Now that you have completed all three tasks, return to the vault to bypass the security systems.

Kasumi will disable the security while Commander Shepard straps on Armor and both of you grab your Weapons. There are a lot of antiquities inside the vault for you to admire and Kasumi will trace the signal from the box. On the table where the graybox is, you can find two M-12 Locust submachine guns. Grab them and then grab the graybox to progress, Kasumi starts to crack it and a holographic head of Donovan Hock appears to threaten you. You can use a Renegade interrupt to turn off the holo while Kasumi keeps cracking the graybox. Donovan Hock will call his guards on you, including Chief Roe. Use cover to face them. Roe's troopers use Flashbang Grenade and try to flank you, while the chief use Combat Drone and Incinerate

Head towards the door that the mercs came out from, but grab the Medi-Gel from the medical station before leaving. If you are low on ammo, you can access the Weapon Locker just outside the vault. 

Now quickly go through the next door and take cover immediately. This time the Enemies are composed of Eclipse Troopers and an YMIR Mech. Take out the eclipse troppers first, and then deal with the Mech. It is important to note that the Mech won't enter your part of the garage, so you can take it down at your own leisure. Once the mech is down, move up and take the remaining mercs. Once you get far enough down the driveways, you will be sealed in by Donovan Hock so head up the stairs to the right and through the door. There is a PDA for you to hack on the floor that will grant x4200 Credits. 

You will see 8 YMIR Mechs at the end of the hallway in storage, don't worry, none of them will activate. Move up to the next door and take cover, because there are more Eclipse to face. Eventually you will reach a point where you need to blow some tanks, and you'll have to deal with some LOKI Mechs and more Eclipse Troopers. When you are done with them, there are several items you can obtain in this area. You can find a crate containing x1000 Platinum near the M-080's cannon, salvageable parts that grant you x4800 Credits, head to the parked M-080's mass accelerator weapon.

When you are ready use the M-080's Weapon to explode the tanks. It is advised to save now, because once you go past the hole you won't be able to return.

You will be greeted by an Eclipse Heavy, an YMIR Mech and more Eclipse Troopers, so take cover to face them. Again, the YMIR Mech won't be able to head to your position if you stay on the small crate cover next to the door you dropped down from. So, deal with the other hostiles and then take the Mech.

When they are down, keep moving up to face more Enemies. This time there will be two Eclipse Troopers, an Eclipse Vanguard and an Eclipse Heavy. Once they are down, head for the door. You will find loot on either side of the door, to the right there's a Medi-Gel and to the left you can obtain a Multicore Amplifier from a dead merc's body.

Donovan Hock's patience is wearing thin, so he tells his forces to keep you busy, while he prepares to handle the situation himself. A variety of Eclipse will be waiting for you.Troopers, a Vanguard and a Heavy. Use the cover near the door. When you move up, more Mercs will come out. Another Eclipse Heavy and an Eclipse Engineer will join the fray. When you manage to take them all out, there is some loot to be found here. You can loot two crates that contain x500 Platinum each, a PDA that grants you x1800 Credits, some salvageable Spare Parts that grant you x1800 Credits and a Storage Crate that grants you x1200 Credits. When you have everything, save your game because the final battle is coming and head for the door. 

You will be treated to a cutscene in which you see both you and Kasumi exiting onto the landing platform. Donovan Hock makes his entrance aboard a A-61 Mantis Gunship and greets you by raining bullets from his position. Unfortunately, he is not alone and a wave of Mercs and LOKI Mechs support him during this fight.

This is arguably the most challenging fight of the DLC. Once the fight begins, move to another position. The starting cover position is not ideal because you can be flanked from left or right. A great position for this fight is to the left to your starting position. You can find some crates near the rear wall that contain respawning thermal clips on, making ammo something less to worry about during the confrontation. 

You will eventually be treated to a scene where Kasumi pulls off some acrobatics and disables the gunship's shields. After the cutscene, the gunship becomes like any other gunship you might have encountered during the game and can be destroyed. Don't forget about the Mechs or Mercs that might flank you.

Eventually, the gunship will be destroyed alongside Donovan Hock and your shuttle will arrive on the other side of the landing platform. You have some goods to loot on the platform, such as Medi-Gel and Power Cells, and when you are ready move up to the shuttle.

On the way back to the Normandy, Kasumi will inspect the graybox, and memories of her life with Keiji will be unlocked, but also a warning, if the information in his graybox were made public, there will be severe consequences for the Alliance. After the scene is over, you can decide what to the with the graybox, let Kasumi keep it or destroy it. Either way, Kasumi will be loyal to you.


How to unlock Kasumi: Stealing Memory


Enemies found on Kasumi: Stealing Memory


Kasumi: Stealing Memory Rewards


Kasumi: Stealing Memory Notes & Tips

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