Legion: A House Divided


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission


Heretic Station




Experience Points
Cyclonic Particles
Geth Shield Boost
x2000 Palladium

Legion: A House Divided is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Legion: A House Divided is is about a virus that the Geth heretics have adapted to compel normal Geth to join them in their war against organics.. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Legion: A House Divided Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You will be facing Geth, and Legion has some valuable Powers against them, so you should consider bringing some that can use Overload or Disruptor Ammo.


The team approaches Heretic Station undetected because of the Normandy's stealth systems, and boards the station. When you arrive, Legion tells you that there is no air and little gravity, because Geth require neither. It also states that there is an alternative to the plan, instead of destroying the station, Legion says that the virus is finished and it could modify it to bring the Geth back into the main Geth fold, which would stop them from aiding the Reapers. However, Legion is unsure about either path and when asked says it need more data in order to draw a conclusion. 

Move down the hall, grab the Medi-Gel and head into the next room. Legion will say that the Geth are currently in separate nodes to clear out the excess data that Legion uploaded at the start of the Mission. There are green lines on the floor of the rooms, if crossed will turn the Geth attached to the hubs hostile. Keep in mind that your squadmates can also cross the lines and therefore tripping the alarm. You will be attack by a Geth Hunter and several Geth Troopers

When they are down, a cutscene starts and Legion will explain how the hubs work and the shared Geth experience. You have the option again to ask it about the decision, but Legion is still unsure of what to do. Salvage the Geth Hub to obtain x3000 Credits before leaving.

You will find some inactive Rocket Drones in the next hallway, Legion says that it can hack them and they will fight for about 10 seconds before self-destructing. As you move along the hallway, the door at the opposite side will open, and Geth will enter the hallway. Hack the Rocket Drones, take cover and fight until you defeat your Enemies.

In the next room, there are two Geth hubs. One located to the left in the alcove, and the second one is in a cavity next to the door. You will have to cross the lines to get into cover, but focus on the Geth ahead for now. Cross the line and Overload it if possible. Focus on the Geth Hunter first, to prevent it from getting close. Then move to the other hub to take out the other Geth

When they are all down, you can salvage both Geth hubs for x3000 Credits each. After that. move into the hallway. You will find some Geth Troopers here, nothing you haven't faced before. Take cover to dispose of them. Take the Medi-Gel. Head to the next room. You will find little cover here, find what you can and position yourself and your team there. There are two Rocket Drones in the center of the room, activate one at a time. There will be two waves of Geth Troopers and Geth Hunters. They tend to run through the center of the room, but watch out for the ones who don't, and will go across the sides. Once they are all gone, replenish your ammo and move on.

Open the door and go into the next hallway. You will find some power cells and a Medi-Gel at the other end. Go down the ramps, head to the right to pick a crate of Refined Palladium (x2000 Palladium), and the head over to the door. Now it is a good time to save your game. 

Once in the next room, take cover immediately. Fight the Geth that are already in the room, there are two Geth Troopers and a Geth Hunter. There is an inactive Rocket Drone what can be hacked to assist you in the fight. Deal with the Geth, and bypass the Geth terminal that is located where you entered to obtain a Geth Shield Boost upgrade. Move through the next door. 

Once you emerge in the next room, take cover. There are two more Geth hubs in the room, one to your left and the other one to your right. Take one of the hubs at a time. If things get too hot, you can return to the ramp you entered from.

When the Geth are gone, salvage both Geth Hubs for x3000 Credits each, replenish your ammo and move on. You will find a massive server room in the next hallway. You can initiate a conversation with Legion when you pass one of the windows. Legion explains that the massive computers contain the sum of the collective memories of these Geth. Again you can ask Legion about what will it do when the moment comes, but Legion is still unsure. 

Move into the next room. There is a med-kit containing Medi-Gel next to the Geth console, that you can decide to take now or after the battle. This is another good point to save your game. Head to the console, interact with it and dialogue options will appear. Legion states that the virus is completed, and while the virus is being deleted or altered, all the Geth on the stations will be aware of your position and will obviously, try to stop you. 

Prepare to face 4 waves of Geth. (At least on Insanity difficulty)

Once all the Geth are down, you start a conversation with LegionLegion tells you that the virus has been deleted, and asks what the next step will be. You can again ask it for its opinion, but Legion states that it cannot decide. You can also ask why it is leaving the decision to you, Legion states that you have fought the heretic Geth and that is why you should be the one making the decision.

You have two choices:

Rewrite the heretics
  • Doing so, you will release an EMP that rewrites all the Heretic Geth and it will also damage any unshielded organic tissue in a large radius. The integration of the memories of the heretic Geth into the Geth Collective, will make them stronger as a whole. This is the Paragon option and will net you many paragon points.
Destroy the heretics
  • Doing so, will destroy the station and anything left onboard. This option nets you Renegade Points.

After you made your decision, you have 3 minutes to leave the station, or you will die if you don't manage to do it. Although it seems to be little, it is enough time to leave the station. Go down the hallway to the right of the console and take cover to face some Geth. Keep moving and shooting until you reach the second point. Now it is advised to send your squad first, because there is a Geth Prime

Remember that YOU DO NOT have to defeat all the Enemies remaining to complete the Mission. If you manage to tap the airlock on the other side of the room, it will end in an instant victory and a cutscene.

The ending cutscene will reflect the choice you selected when dealing with the Geth.

When you return to the Normandy, Joker will inform you that Tali and Legion are having a discussion. (If Tali's Loyalty Mission has already been completed and you did not use the evidence). Once you arrive at the AI Core, you find both of them. Tali is aiming an SMG at Legion. She furiously states that she was willing to work with a Geth, Legion was about to send classified information regarding the Migrant Fleet to the Geth. Legion, on the other hand, states that it knows the Quarians were performing weapon tests on Geth and that it was trying to protect its people from a possible attack, further citing Tali's willingness to be exiled for the sake of her own people as a similar action. If, however, Tali was in fact exiled, Legion will question why she decides to still protect the Quarians.

You can side with either of one or use a Paragon or Renegade option to get them both to reach an understanding. If you use this option, Legion will agree to not tranmit Tali's data and Tali will volunteer some non-classified data for Legion instead. However, if you fail either option, then you will lose the loyalty of one of them.


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