Miranda: The Prodigal


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission




Miranda Lawson


Experience Points
Microfield Pulsar
x500 Element Zero

Miranda: The Prodigal is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Miranda: The Prodigal is is about saving Oriana, Miranda's sister, from being taken back from their estranged father.. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Miranda: The Prodigal Walkthrough

Getting Ready

Miranda Lawson has the tech and biotic skills of a Sentinel and her passive Power, Cerberus Officer, that grants a very useful health and damage buff to the party. However, she lacks "crowd control" Powers that can disable or knock down Enemies, and ammo Powers, so keep these things in mind when selecting the third teammate.


As you land on Illium, EDI will message you after the conversation with the concierge, and state that Miranda's contact is at the Eternity bar. Head towards the bar and you will meet Lanteia, the Asari contact. She reveals that Niket, Miranda's old childhood friend, and one of the few people she trusts, will be involved in the transfer. When asked about him, Miranda states that Niket is the only person she trusts from her previous life.

While you are taking the flight towards the cargo terminal, Miranda  notices several Eclipse Gunships at the cargo area, and then you see a several Eclipse mercs being deployed from the aircraft. Miranda suggests you to land behind cover and the mercs. The mercs open fire and force you to have a hard landing a few meters away from the mercs. The whole squad exits the damaged cab and you start a conversation with an Eclipse Engineer.

The Engineer informs you that you have arrived too late. His captain, Enyala, is moving in on Oriana and Niket will not be helping Miranda. She will angrily accuse him of lying, to which he states that this conversation has given time to his snipers to take position. You will have a Renegade Interrupt at this point, if you execute it, Commander Shepard will break the Engineer's neck while Miranda pulls her pistol and shoots the merc standing behind. Commander Shepard will shoot the overhead fuel container, which falls and explodes, and the fight begins. If you didn't use the interrupt, the Engineer orders the other mercs to attack.

So, both actions lead to a fight. You will be facing Eclipse Troopers, Eclipse Heavies and Eclipse Vanguards. After disposing of the group, move up but don't go too far, take cover  at the right turn, because there will be more mercenaries to face. Once they are gone, head into the elevator. A cutscene starts. Miranda finds an Eclipse radio and taps into their communications. You learn from Miranda that although Oriana is her genetic twin, she took her when she was just a baby. She states she is not the first child that her father created, but the first one he kept. She proceeds to tell you that she had left behind everything from that life, except Niket. Commander Shepard again, ask her if he is trustworthy, but Miranda insists he is a trusted friend.

When you enter the Container Transfer Area, Miranda points out that since all the containers are being moved, it will be harder to target and acquire Enemies. She mentions that some of those containers have explosive materials inside them. Head to the container on your right to hack a datapad that will net you x1500 Credits. When you reach the first conveyor belt, you will find Enemies.

Take advantage of the elevated cover in the middle, and deal with the Enemies on the opposite side. Beware of Enemies trying to flank you, specially on the left and also the explosive containers as you are shooting because the explosion can kill you if you are close enough. When the mercs are gone, keep going down to fin a med kit and a Microfield Pulsar on a desk in the next container.

When you pass the next corner, you will be attacked by LOKI Mechs. Take cover to face them. Then grab x1500 Credits from the locker on the far side of the room and continue. When you move into the hallway from where the mechs attacked you from, there will be a large group of mercs that attacks you from the right side. You can take cover on the pickup truck, allowing you to be covered from any mercs who try to flank you from the left side. 

Once you defeat all the Enemies, head across the belt to find a Microscanner on a dead merc. You can also hack the computer in the office room to obtain x300 Credits.

Head down the hallway into the next area, you will hear Enyala over the radio ordering her troops to send everything at their disposal to stop you, except her personal guard, while she goes after Niket. Around the corner you will find more Eclipse resistance.

The Eclipse Heavies are the most likely to flank you than the other type of mercs. Assign your best combat member by the elevated cover in the center. and then place the other one on either side of the cover. The mercs will attack in several waves from the left, so don't proceed until they are all down. You can find a security terminal for x3000 Credits and a crate that contains x500 Element Zero. You can obtain x3000 more credits by hacking a datapad of a dead merc. 

When you enter the next area, EDI informs you that the mercs have disabled the elevator leading to the dock. EDI is trying to override it. Take cover immediately as Eenmies will begin to come out of the elevator. Defeat the mercs. You can find Power Cells across the elevator and Medi-Gel in the medical station. Prepare your ammo Powers and Weapons selected before entering the elevator. 

Just as you enter the elevator, you are treated to a cutscene. You hear Enyala over the radio ordering to transfer the family to an eclipse transport. Miranda becomes incredibly frustrated by grasping the possibility of Niket betraying her, and decides to hack the elevator to speed it up.

Niket looks frustrated at the Asari dock official because she cannot transfer anyone out due to Commander Shepard blasting through the terminal. Just in time, you arrive from the elevator, and the dock official tries to make a run for it, but Enyala shoots her. Miranda Lawson confronts Niket about selling her out. 

At the end of the conversation, Miranda Lawson draws out her gun to shoot Niket. You can use a Paragon interrupt option, to prevent her from killing Niket. If you actually do, Niket will apologize but Enyala will shoot him in the back instead. This makes Miranda angry. and she flings Enyala across the room. This marks the beginning of the battle.

Enyala won't be alone, so take cover to face the wave of Eclipse soldiers. If you have a Sniper Rifle, you can use it to kill Enyala from a distance, if not, you want to be constantly on the move because Eclipse mercenaries will try to flank you constantly. A good strategy is to deal with the Eclipse Vanguard on your right and then move to her position in the lane with the med-kit. This position is well covered in all directions, and Enemies in the other lanes will have a difficult time trying to close in on you. Once the rest of the mercs are down. focus on Enyala.

When the battle is over, you can search the far right of the dock for Medi-Gel, obtain x3000 credits from a computer and retrieve a lost locket near the dock's exit for Illium: The Prodigal: Lost Locket Found. Exit the docks to end the Mission.

Once you reach the designated floor, you will see Oriana Lawson with her family, from a distance. Miranda seems happy that her sister can live a normal life, and although she decides to leave, you can convince her to meet her sister and her family.

Back at the Normandy, you can approach Miranda to learn about the meeting she had with Oriana on Illium. She states that it was shocking to learn the truth for her family, but for Oriana wasn't as hard. She again, states that is happy about Oriana leading a normal life in comparison to her own one.

If you have already completed Jack's Loyalty MissionJoker will mention that Jack just went to have a talk with Miranda. When you arrive at Miranda's office,  Jack furiously flings a chair across the room, and Commander Shepard tells them to both to stop it. Jack is visibly angry because Miranda Lawson won't admit that what Cerberus did to her was wrong.  You cannot ends this situation without alienating either crewmate, unless you have enough Paragon or Renegade points. If you do have enough, you can retain the loyalty of both crew members and can continue any relationships that you have started with either of them. However, if you fail, you will lose out on any relationships, depending on who you alienate. You will also lose the loyalty of that teammate. You can regain Loyalty in a later conversation with that crewmate, provided you have a high enough Paragon or Renegade score. 


How to unlock Miranda: The Prodigal

  • After completing Horizon, this Mission will be available to you. You will have to bring Miranda to Illium in order to be able to talk to Lanteia.


Enemies found on Miranda: The Prodigal


Miranda: The Prodigal Rewards


Miranda: The Prodigal Notes & Tips

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