Mordin: Old Blood


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission




Mordin Solus


Experience Points
Microfusion Array
Microfiber Weave
Neural Shock
x2000 Iridium

Mordin: Old Blood is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Mordin: Old Blood is is about Mordin's former protégé, Maelon. He has been captured by Blood Pack mercenaries on Tuchanka.. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Mordin: Old Blood Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You will face many Enemies with armor during this Mission, so bring anti-armor ammo Powers, as well as disabling abilities, like Pull, Stasis, Neural Shock, Flashbang Grenade or Singularity

As a third member, Grunt is probably the best choice. Even more so, if he's Loyalty Mission has been already completed. 


You arrive at Tuchanka, the homeworld of Krogan. When you arrive at the Urdnot base, the squad captain stops you and tells you that for your own safety, you must speak to the clan leader. Depending on your choices on Virmire in the previous game, or whether you started your campaign in Mass Effect 2, the leader may be Urdnot Wrex or his brother Urdnot Wreav. It is not necessary to speak with him when doing this Mission.

You can decide to look around, but if not, head straight to business with the clan leader.

  • If the clan leader is Wrex: You will find him talking to an emissary from a rival clan and when he turns at you, he immediately welcomes you.  You have a little chat, and you can even ask him to join you, but he declines. He states he is that his place is here, in Tuchanka. He will point you to speak with the Chief Scout or the Shaman.
  • If the clan leader is Wreav: He is confused to see a human, and depending on your choices in the original game, there are a few interesting conversation lines. Regardless, the conversation plays out more or less like the one with Wrex, minus the friendly feeling of seeing an old acquaintance. 

Before heading over to the chief scout, talk to the mechanic to get Tuchanka: Combustion Manifold and you can have a look at the shops to see if there's something interesting for you. You can also get Tuchanka: Killing Pyjaks on the shop. Now, speak to the chief scout, he is aware of the situation and tells you that the Weyrloc Clan is hiding in an old hospital. He also gives you his own Assignment called Tuchanka: Old Blood: Missing Scout

Once you choose to go to the hospital, you will be treated to a short cutscene where you see Commander Shepard and the team traversing across the ruins of Tuchanka. You will find a weapon locker once you arrive. Take the door next to it, make a U-turn and take cover as soon as possible. Two Klixen will be your first hostiles. They aren't a real threat, but remember that when killed they explode, so don't be near them when that happens. Move forward, and take the opening to your right. Another Klixen and two Varren will appear, deal with them. Two Blood Pack Boom-Squad will fight you then, once they are down, move on by turning left on a broken highway.

On the next area, more Blood Pack will attack you. Use standard tactics to deal with them. Once they are down, move up, and before rounding the curve, there is a Medi-Gel to pick up and Refined Iridium. As you progress, head into cover to face more Blood Pack including a Pyro. Deal with him from a safe distance. Round the corner and take cover again, because there will be more Enemies incoming. 

This is the last area outside the hospital. Use the cover to take out the Blood Pack. Once you are done with them, head to the ruined tank on the right side, directly across from where you entered, to recover the combustion manifold for the Urdnot Mechanic, then move to the door. It is advised to save your game now.

When you enter the hospital, you only have one way to go down the stairs to your left. You will find a dead human body, selecting this starts a conversation with Mordin and you can learn about the experiments being conducted. He states he hates using live subjects because it is not aligned on his definition of science. This conversation can net you a few morality points. Move down the stairs and don't forget to puck up more Iridium to the right, at the bottom of the staircase. Open the door. 

The next room Weyrloc Clanspeaker, who just wants you to go away. You will be able to execute a Renegade Interrupt, that will cause to interrupt the Krogan's speech by blowing up the flammable gas below him. If you don't do it, you get some information, but the fight will be significantly harder. Whatever option you chose, take cover as soon as possible. Deal with the Enemies on the upper level and don't let them charge down the ramps to your level. When you are done with them, take the Medi-Gel before moving up the ramps. 

Head across the upper level and through the door that the speaker came out of. You can find some spare parts round the corner. The next area looks like a laboratory, you will find Iridium and a terminal in the room to the right. Access the terminal to learn more about Mordin's role during the genophage project. You can initiate another conversation by examining the dead female Krogan Body. Mordin states that she died from multiple tumors, and that her death is on him. He then goes on about true science not needing test subjects and he even considers the ramifications of the genophage. You can get some morality points depending on your choices. You can hack the terminal to obtain Microfiber Weave

Keep going through the door until you reach a door on the right side. Open the door to find the scout the Urdnot Chief Scout asked you to look for. There is also a hackable datapad. He states that he is not locked nor imprisoned, but he is helping the Krogan. Through dialogue, you can leave him there or convince him to return to his clan as a warrior. You have to tell him that Weyrloc is researching the cure only to multiply their numbers. Once the scout has been dealt with, move down the hall to the door on the left. Once you open this door, you won't be able to go back, so before venturing forth, make sure you looted and explored everything.

Once you enter the room, more Blood Pack will attack you. There are explosive crates along the bridge, you can use them to your advantage. Once all the hostiles are down, head to the other side of the platform. You can salvage x4500 credits from a circuit board.

Cross the bridge to pick up the Medi-Gel. A Krogan accompanied by a pack of Varren, will emerge as you progress through the corridor. Deal with the Varren first as they like to close distances quickly, and then focus on the Krogan.

There are some Power Cells near the top of a staircase, consider not picking them up if you have a healthy amount of ammo. Go down and get to cover immediately. A pair of Krogan will emerge from a doorway ahead of you, try to deal with them at a distance, as always Krogan are deadlier at close-range. When the couple of Krogan is down, from the far diagonal door more Enemies will spawn. This time a more varied group composed of Varren, Krogan and Chief Weyrloc Guld. The Chief can be a nasty opponent to face, he has barriers, armor, a deadly Shotgun and also uses Biotic Powers.

Try to deal with the Varren first, next try to defeat the "common" Krogan. If they get too close, retreat and regroup to deal with them. Leave Guld for last, as he usually lags behind the others. Avoid getting caught at close-range at all costs.

When all the Enemies are down, you can loot a crate containing credits near a door to the right. You can hack the terminal at the bottom of the stairs to obtain a Microfusion Array. Once you are ready, enter the room.

You will be treated to a cutscene as soon as you enter the room. Maelon is scanning a holo screen at the other side of the room. Mordin confronts Maelon and after a few exhanges realizes he is doing this out of guilt. Mordin will eventually confront him about his methods and motives. He  justifies it by stating that his hands are already covered in blood, and if it takes a little more to undo the genophage, it will be worth it. He states that the gakaxt has become more dangerous without the Krogan. Although you can offer some guidance to Mordin in dealing with the situation, it is finally up to him. Then you will have to decide what to do with the data, there are four different options. 

  • You can destroy the data.
  • Save the data just in case
  • Save the data to help the Krogan
  • Insist that the genophage was the right thing to do, and destroy the data.

 After you make the decision, you have the option to end the Mission, but don't do it yet! You can stay to hack a terminal that nets you x3000 Credits. Then, end the Missions and  return to Urdnot Camp.


How to unlock Mordin: Old Blood


Enemies found on Mordin: Old Blood


Mordin: Old Blood Rewards


Mordin: Old Blood Notes & Tips

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