Jack: Subject Zero


Quest Type

Loyalty Mission






Experience Points
Warp Ammo
x500 Element Zero

Jack: Subject Zero is a Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2. Jack: Subject Zero is is about how Jack was raised by Cerberus operatives in a remote facility located in Pragia. She wants to return there to destroy the facility. Loyalty Missions grant various benefits in Mass Effect 2, among them, you can name an alternate outfit for the squad member, unlocks the fourth Power of said member and also makes that character loyal, which can be vital for final Mission of the game.


Jack: Subject Zero Walkthrough

Getting Ready

Jack's biotics emphasize low damage crowd control powers, you may want to balance her with someone that can deal better with armors.


Head to the Nubian Expanse, into the Dakka system to find Pragia. While traveling on the shuttle, Jack will remember what happened there, as well as the environment. When the shuttle is about to approach the facility, EDI comes over the comm and tells the squad that she is detecting multiple thermal signatures from the complex. 

After the shuttle drops, head around and down into the facility. Upon entering, Jack will comment about the massive amount of containers and how she doesn't remember the room from her escape. There's a terminal on the other side of the room, hack it to obtain x3000 Credits before moving on. 

In the next room, you will find a console that gives you information, apparently the facility was acting outside the Illusive Man's orders and had gone rogue. Turn the console off and move on. 

The next room is a large room, and Jack comments that she saw the sunlight through the skylights, before heading to the elevated catwalk, turn to your right to bypass a locked crate. You will obtain x3000 credits. Now head down the stairs, and to the right.

Varren will come around the corner to attack you after you pass under the catwalk. Once they are down, move to find an old bloodstain. Interact with it to begin a conversation with Jack about what originated it. She tells you that this place was like an arena where she was pitted against other kids. She was drugged because every time she killed, she was rewarded and, on the other side, if she hesitated, she was shocked. You will Medi-Gel in the next hallway and a security console. When interacted, the console displays a security guard telling that the subjects have rioted and that Jack could get out. He states that all subjects are expendable except for Jack. This causes her to turn off the console, and you can earn 2 morality points here depending on your response. 

Open the door and move down the stairs, you will find a fresh kill on them and Jack will comment that no one is supposed to be here. Bypass the door to get some Element Zero.

After getting down the stairs, enter the next room. Jack's assumptions will prove true, Vorcha and Krogan from the Blood Pack will make their entrance. It is a good idea to take cover among the large metal operating tables. The attackers appear on the upper and ground level ahead of you. Three more Vorcha will come from the windows on the left. 

Once the room is cleared, Jack will question why the facility had a morgue. Head to the other end of the room, opposite of the now dead Vorcha to find a hackable datapad to obtain x3000 Credits.

Bypass the door and continue down the hall. When you reach the end and the next door, put your squadmates into cover on either side of the open doorway. Run through this door and take cover behind the crates. There will be two Vorcha on the elevated walkway across from you. Once you take them out, move down the stairs into a hallway tht appears to be a cell block. Varren will come from the cell doors to attack you, so be careful. After you deal with the vermin, you will be able to salvage some circuit boards in the second cell to obtain x3000 Credits. 

Head to the next room, a large and open area, Jack will comment that her cell is on the other side. Before going through the door, there's a Medi-Gel for you to grab. There's nothing special for you on the left room, but the right one has. Jack will comment that she must have broken through here on her escape. You can inspect two consoles in the room, that when interacted with, reveal the experimentation the test subjects were exposed to. On the second console, you will see the doctor distraught over the subjects' riot and how Jack may escape, and he'll mention future plans for the project. At the end, Jack apparently kills the doctor. Don't leave just yet, hack the research terminal to obtain the Hyper-Amp upgrade. This is a good point to save your game.

You will be treated to a cutscene where you see a Krogan named Kureck, talking over the radio and announcing your arrival to his boss, Aresh. His boss will apparently tell him to kill you and the squad. You will fight Kureck, several Krogan and a few Vorcha. Deal with the Vorcha first because they can flank you. Once they are down, focus on the Krogan. Whichever Krogan leave the platform becomes the primary threat you should concentrate on bringing down. Once Kureck comes after you, don't wait around until he reaches you, because he can be deadly at point-blank range. When he is at medium range, look for new cover far away from him. 

Once the Krogan and his team are gone, Jack states that the only thing left is her cell, and whoever Aresh is, he is there. Grab any ammo you find, and hack the crate to obtain x3000 Credits.

When you enter Jack's cell you begin a conversation with Aresh. He recognizes Jack immediately, and tells her that everybody at the facility knew her face, while she hardly knew anybody else. He says that he is restarting the facility and use the research to find out what they learned during all the experiments. Jack, irritated, pulls a pistol and threatens to kill him.

You have four options:

  • You can use the Charm option to spare Aresh's life. Jack will let him go.
  • You can use the Intimidate option to order Jack to end his life.
  • You can tell Jack that this is not the way to solve her problems. She lets Aresh go if you trigger the paragon interrupt. If not, Jack shoots Aresh in the head. 
  • You can tell Jack to kill Aresh and if she doesn't, you will. She shoots him in the head. If the renegade interrupt is not triggered, she will let him go.

When Aresh has been dealt with, you have the option to leave the place or let Jack stay for a few moments.

If you decide to stay, you and Jack will be walking around the cell, and she will tell you about her life at the base. You can interact with the window, the bad, the desk and a bloodstain on the wall just outside the cell. All interactions have memories that Jack will elaborate upon. Once all four have been discussed, you move back to the shuttle.

While taking the shuttle back to the Normandy, Jack fumbles with the trigger for the bomb. She presses the button once she receives Commander Shepard's approval and the shuttle continues towards the Normandy.

Once you reach the Normandy, if you have already completed Miranda Lawson's Loyalty Mission, Joker will mention that Jack just went to have a talk with Miranda. When you arrive at Miranda's office,  Jack furiously flings a chair across the room, and Commander Shepard tells them to both to stop it. Jack is visibly angry because Miranda Lawson won't admit that what Cerberus did to her was wrong.  You cannot ends this situation without alienating either crewmate, unless you have enough Paragon or Renegade points. If you do have enough, you can retain the loyalty of both crew members and can continue any relationships that you have started with either of them. However, if you fail, you will lose out on any relationships, depending on who you alienate. You will also lose the loyalty of that teammate. You can regain Loyalty in a later conversation with that crewmate, provided you have a high enough Paragon or Renegade score. 

This situation can also take place after you complete Miranda Lawson's loyalty mission if you have done Jack's before hers.


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