Freedom's Progress is a Mission in Mass Effect 2Freedom's Progress is the third main Mission in Mass Effect 2. Missions in Mass Effect 2 need to be completed in order to progress the story forward, and unravel the mysteries about the Reapers.



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Full Freedom's Progress Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You obtain Freedom's Progress once you are finished talking with the Illusive Man. He will ask you to explore the latest colony that has gone missing, Freedom's Progress. You will be accompanied by Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor.

You will be talking inside the shuttle with your new teammates. You can earn some morality points depending on your answers (Paragon points if you put looking for survivors as your priority, or Renegade points if you instead consider the Mission over everything else).

Freedom's Progress

The first thing you should do once you are on foot, is to open the menu to assign your teammates their respective Powers. Try to pick some Powers that would complement yours. Once that's done, move forward through the colony until you will reach a big door. On your left, you will find some spare parts, that can be salvaged for 1000 Credits. 

Pass through the door to find two LOKI Mechs directly in front of you. Dispatch them, and on your right, two more will appear, this time accompanied by two FENRIS Mechs, and after that, another Loki Mech will appear from where the first two were fought.

In the next building, you can find 1 Medi-Gel and you can loot 2000 Credits from a wall safe. Head outside to face 2 Mechs, 1 LOKI Mech and 1 FENRIS Mech. You will also find some salvageable parts worth 1000 Credits.

Keep going, and you will eventually find Tali'Zorah vas Neema, with a group of Quarians under her command. She recognizes Commander Shepard, and tells you that they are looking for Veetor, a Quarian who came to the colony on his Pilgrimage. They suspect that Veetor must have reprogrammed the Mechs after the attack on the colony. 

You can earn morality points here by ordering the Quarians to lower their Weapons (Renegade Points), you will be asked why you've joined Cerberus and saying "No choice" grants you Paragon points, while stating "For Humanity!" grants you Renegade Points instead. You can earn more Renegade points if you decide to take the lead from now on and reject Tali's plan, while you can receive more Paragon points by being more cooperative with her and go along with her plan. 

Once you get out, Tali will warn you about the security drones you will see fly past you. You will find a LOKI Mech next to a Wall safe, bypass it to obtain 2000 credits. Head outside again to find two Assault Drones and one Rocket Drone, once they are dead, three of the same will replace them. 

You will be contacted by Tali, who tells you that Prazza and the rest of her team went ahead despite her protests to do so, in an attempt to rescue Veetor by themselves and to avoid him being questioned for Cerberus first. 

You will find some ammo on the building to the right as well as a Med-Kit that's worth 100 Credits, if your Medi-Gel is full. Head to the empty room on your left and down the stairs. You will find more enemy forces. Two Assault Drones  and one Rocket Drone. Like the previous time you've faced Drones, once you killed them, they will be replaced by 3 more Drones. 

Around the stairs to the left, you will be able to find some ammo and some salvageable parts worth 1000 Credits and a 100 Credits Med-Kit. Head to the large gate, and the game will prompt you to order your squadmates at each side of the door, once you do, you will have to take cover behind the crates in front of the gate. Once you are all in position, Tali will open the gate. 

The Cargo Docks

An YMIR Mech will emerge, not before taking out almost the entire Quarian team. This Mechs is protected by shields and armor, and carries a devastating rocket laungher and a machine gun. Try to stay in cover as much as possible, because it can incapacitate you almost immediately with its powerful weaponry. 

Keep in mind that you will have to move from cover to cover, because it will eventually will be able to destroy your cover. Your squadmates will have it easier to inflict damage on the Mech, as it will be completely focused on you, leaving them open to unleash everything they have on it. 

Once the Mech is destroyed, you can check the building on the right to obtain a Med-Kit and the one on the left to obtain Power Cells and a Wall Safe that contains 3000 Credits.

If you scan the damaged YMIR Mech in front of the building you will obtain a Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade and take the 2000 Iridium next to it. Next take the stairs and up, to go find Veetor.

Once you find him, he will be babbling about creatures out to get him and watching some footage on a wall of screens. You can interrupt him by shooting one of the screens (Renegade option) or by simply turning them all off with your Omni-Tool (Paragon). This will make Veetor to address you, and he will piece together footage that reveals the Collectors are behind the abductions. You reach the conclusion that Veetor was spared because he is no Human and apparently the Collectors look for human signs. 

After this short talk, you have one more choice. Miranda Lawson will insist on taking Veetor for questioning, while Tali states to take him to the Flotilla for medical attention. The choice is yours.

Back at the Cerberus base, you will meet Joker again, after you are finished talking with the Illusive Man. Joker is working with Cerberus, and then you are introduced to the new Normandy, the Normandy SR-2, ending the Mission and allowing you to roam more freely through the galaxy 




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