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Normandy Crash Site (Assignments) is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Normandy Crash Site (Assignments) is about finding the wreckage of the original Normandy. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Normandy Crash Site (Assignments) Walkthrough

There is no preparation for this Assignment nor are any hostiles present. Travel to Alchera in the Amada System within the Omega Nebula cluster and once you land, you'll notice this is a solo Assignment

While you are exploring the map, you will experience different flashbacks of the original Normandy according to which areas of the wreckage you are walking through. You can also find dog tags, which will appear as shining objects in the distance and are relatively hard to miss, four of them can be found in crates around the map. There are 20 dog tags in total. Four of them are inside crates that have to be broken in order to retrieve them.

You can find Navigator Pressly's datapad detailing how his view on aliens changed thanks to the diverse crew of the Normandy and Commander Shepard's lost N7 helmet.


Bakari, Jamin
Barrett, Germeen
Chase, Addison
Crosby, Silas
Draven, Rosamund
Draven, Talitha
Dubyansky, Alexei
Emerson, Hector
Felawa, Robert
Gladstone, Harvey J.
Grenado, Caroline

Grieco, Marcus
Laflamme, Orden
Lowe, Helen M.
Negulesco, Monica
Pakti, Abishek
Pressly, Charles
Rahman, Mandira
Tanaka, Raymond
Tucks, Carlton
Waaberi, Amina



The following places trigger a flashback from Commander Shepard:

  • CIC and Galaxy Map: The flashback will show the Galaxy Map and CIC as they appeared in Mass Effect.
  • Cockpit: The flashback will show Joker manning the controls and behind him, the CIC and Galaxy Map.
  • Mako: The flashback to show the Mako stored in the SSV Normandy's cargo bay.
  • Mess Hall: The flashback will show the squad member that was left behind on Virmire in Mass Effect. If it is a new game started in Mass Effect 2 without using the Genesis interactive comic, then the squad member of the same gender as Shepard will be shown.
  • Normandy Text: The flashback will show the SSV Normandy docked at the Citadel in Dock 422.
  • Pressly's Datapad: The flashback will show Navigator Pressly saluting.
  • Sleeper Pods: Shows the sleeper pods as they appeared in Mass Effect with the mess hall in the background.


How to unlock Normandy Crash Site (Assignments)

  • You unlock Normandy Crash Site as a free DLC from the Cerberus Network. When the DLC is installed, and after acquiring the Normandy SR-2, you will receive an e-mail from Admiral Hackett.


Enemies found on Normandy Crash Site (Assignments)

  • N/A


Normandy Crash Site (Assignments) Rewards


Normandy Crash Site (Assignments) Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here


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