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Project Firewalker: Volcano Station is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Project Firewalker: Volcano Station is about investigating Dr. Cayce's research station deep inside an active volcano on KarumtoAssignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Project Firewalker: Volcano Station Walkthrough

As most of the Assignments of Project Firewalker, you begin in the Hammerhead. Since the onboard scanning systems of the Hammerhead are inoperable, you are forced to do a manual search for the research station. Go left and keep heading down all the way. Eventually, you will reach a fork, turn right and keep heading down. You will find two scan sites, from which you can obtain x250 Iridium each. Head back up, until you get halfway up. You will find an outcropping across from you that contains another scan site. Head across, scan and then return and head back to where you started.

Head right now, and follow the path down. You will be notified of the presence of more Iridium nearby, grab it. Look across at another scan site. You will see a small rock platform between the two areas, use it or it will be fatal. If you don't want to do that, then head down and eventually it will narrow enough to get across. Grab the Iridium and move on. You will find another Iridium site on the next outcropping, so grab it too and then head down again. While doing so you will find more Iridium, grab it, then drop down and head through the tunnel. Once on the other side you will find more Iridium, grab it and head to the doors. You will be prompted to exit your vehicle.

Once you activate the sensores, the power grid intensifies volcanic activity, But don't panic, there's no actual time limit displayed to exit the lab. The way out is through the room with the first datapad and wall safe, because the door of the central chamber fell.

Enter the vehicle and head to left up the rocky ramp once you exit the station. Use the boosters and jets to keep from falling into the lava. Enter the tunnel and use the jets ocasionally to get up. Be careful when you approach the end because there is a very large drop off when the tunnel ends. Jump across, then jump again to the next platform. The outcropping ahead has the last scan site. You will find x1500 Iridium there. Jump across into the second tunnel. Then rocket and jump through,

Like the first tunnel, you will find a sharp drop off at the end. You must jump across because the bridge is no more. Make sure your jets are fully charged, otherwise you won't make it. When you manage to do so, a cutscene plays showing you the Hammerhead jumping into the Normandy's hangar bay.

How to unlock Project Firewalker: Volcano Station


Enemies found on Project Firewalker: Volcano Station

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Project Firewalker: Volcano Station Rewards

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Project Firewalker: Volcano Station Notes & Tips

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