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x2000 Iridium

Overlord: Vulcan Station is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. Overlord: Vulcan Station is is about activating the override control to deal with the lockdown at Atlas Station. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Overlord: Vulcan Station Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You will be facing synthetics during this Assignment, but this time you will be facing regular Mechs, not Geth. As usual Overload, Disruptor Ammo and AI Hacking are important Powers to bring along, also consider Incendiary Ammo, Armor-Piercing Ammo and Incinerate.

Stasis as a bonus Power can help you deal with flying Enemies, so should be also considered.


Head to Vulcan Station, to do out, once you head out turn left. Follow the edge of a cliff, and head along the rocks. Keep following the cliff edge and then cross the rock bridges. As you reach the tunnel to the station, you will see a station to the left. Head there first to grab the Cerberus data packet there. There are six to be found all around the planet. Although not tied to any quest, collecting all six of them will grant you the Data Hound Achievement/Trophy. Now head down the tunnel and you will be sent to Vulcan Station.

You will see the Hammerhead plowing through two LOKI Mechs. As you regain control, Archer comes over the comm and advises caution at the facility and then he gets cut off. Head down the ramp and jump over the lava stream to enter the facility. You will see steam vents inside that are venting the steam from the facility. Make your way through them until you reach the last one. The Hammerhead's VI states that they provide sufficient power to boost the vehicle's lift capabilities. Use the last set in order to get further up and then head down the rock path into the facility.

You will find a Cerberus Turret at the top of the path. Take care of it, of speed past it if you want. You will arrive at a T-junction, to the left you can acquire x400 Iridium. then take the right path. As you head down the right tunnel, do not boost or you will end up in a lava pit. The Hammerhead's VI says that the debris will support the Hammerhead's weight, but you'll soon realize that the pieces move. Pay attention and don't go off the edge or into the lava for that matter. So cross from debris to debris until you reach the other side.

You will hear a computer stating  that the automated controls are off-line and the core systems have been compromised. Head through the door ahead, up the stairs and around the corner. When you are in sight of a long hallway, take cover because some LOKI Mechs will be present to stop you from going further. Defeat them. Head into the room they were guarding and you will hear the computer again, stating that valve A3 is malfunctioning and manual intervention is necessary. Access the log, and then the computer console in order to solve the problem, this will cause a nearby vent to activate. Once you are done, return to the Hammerhead.

The newly activated vent, will provide you enough lift to clear the rock wall. Follow the path at the top. There is a turret on the left that you can bypass if you hit the booster rockets, but there is x400 Iridium to be found there so better destroy it. The path ends at the lava flow, and you will have to cross to the other side much like you did previously.

Once you are on the other side, you have a few options to take. To the left you can find x800 Iridium guarded by two turrets on the top of a plateau. Opposite the plateau you can find a steam vent that takes you up to a rocky and uneven bridge. Move along to find x400 Iridium, head back and go to the lava river.

You have to travel upstream to get to your safe point, but be careful because if you die here, you will restart from the outpost station. When you manage to get to the other end, exit the Hammerhead to continue on foot.

Head across the bay and open the door to enter the hallway. As soon as you enter another room from there, you will hear the computer stating that the valve D4 has malfunctioned and requires attention. Bypass the valve to shut off the steam. The steam will clear a path down from where you can access a datapad and x1125 Credits. 

As you approach the body, the rest of the catwalk falls, so head back up to the main level. Shoot the explosive container at the end of the other catwalk and head up.

Grab the Med-Kit while you are climbing, and head to cover as soon as you reach the top. LOKI Mechs and Assault Drones are about to welcome you inside the facility. Take them down from cover. You will see an explosive container to the left of the first group of mechs, if you are fast enough it may help you thin their numbers quickly. Once all the Mechs are gone, head back to the platform and up the pipe to the top floor.

Enter the door on your left, loot the wall safe to obtain x1500 Credits and the research log for some more info. Once you access the log, the VI will show its face again, preventing you from accessing it again Head back out, turn left and head to the open door at the end of the catwalk. Grab the medi-gel from the medical station on the wall, and keep moving down the hall. When you reach a doorway, send your squad in first and get into cover.

You will find more resistance inside, a Drone, a YMIR Mech and some LOKI Mechs are waiting for you. There are some explosive containers that can be used for your advantage, be on the look for them. Focus on the drones and then the LOKI Mechs before the YMIR Mech makes its great appearance. When it enters the battlefield, focus on it and don't let it get near to you. Once you are done with all the mechs, look around for a computer near the entryway and access it to obtain x2625 Credits. Then head up the stairs.

When you enter, you will notice a lonely LOKI Mech trying to destroy the override console before it notices you. It puts it hands up, but the squad shoots one of its arms off. As it prepares to shoot back its weapon arm is also shot off. The VI releases control from the mech and it runs away aimlessly. You override the system and receive a comm from Archer, but the transmission is broken. As the squad leaves, a Renegade interrupt allows you to shoot the mech head's off, if you don't execute the interrupt, then a squad member will do it.


How to unlock Overlord: Vulcan Station


Enemies found on Overlord: Vulcan Station


Overlord: Vulcan Station Rewards

  • Experience Points
  • Credits
  • x2000 Iridium


Overlord: Vulcan Station Notes & Tips

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