N7: Abandoned Research Station


Quest Type



Jarrahe Station

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N7: Wrecked Merchant Freighter

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N7: Hahne-Kedar Facility


Experience Points
x2000 Iridium

N7: Abandoned Research Station is an Assignment in Mass Effect 2. N7: Abandoned Research Station is about exploring the last known location of the MSV CorsicaAssignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect 2, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


N7: Abandoned Research Station Walkthrough

Once you enter the space station, you realize that something terrible must have happened because there are bodies all over the floor. You can't return to the Normandy because the door behind you is closed, so you have no other option but to explore.

To start figuring out how to escape, first follow the path around, and head into the room with the blow out glass. You will find a crate containing Iridium there and a way to restore power to the docking section of the station.

Now you have to restore power in the Processing area, doing so will enable access to the central hub of the station. Once you do, the VI doesn't give you a warm welcome and states that intruders (you), have been detected. Leave and head to the main station's hub.

You will find the VI's control station, but is locked down, so you will have to find a way to fix that. Head into the living quarters, the first door on the right.

Here you will find more dead bodies, and a datapad, that gives you more clues about what has happened here. Take the door at the door end, the one on your left is locked, so head a little further in and access the one on the right. You will find a Med-kit and a button to restore power. 

Once you restore power, the VI locks down the living quarters to contain contaminants that are a threat to the station and it advises the people inside to commence self-destruct procedures to prevent death by starvation. Now you must get the doors open via the console behind you on your left.

Before leaving, head to the previously locked room. you will find credits from the three personal lockers there. Head around the VI Core and enter the Research Lab.

Here you will find two crates of Iridium, and another power button. Once you restore power, the VI locks down the sector again. Head to the computers and begin to bounce the laser beam to the tank of the far side of the lad.

You have to do the following: Computer 1, one time; Computer 2, two times; Computer three, one time and finally Computer four, three times.

The tank will explode and the area unlocks. Head to the engineering section to restore the hub's power. When you enter you learn thorugh the VI that plasma venting is in progress, so trying to get the controls will most likely result in death. Avoid the blasts at all cost. 

Go to the alcove on the right to loot two personal lockers for credits, now tell your squadmates to stay there and go alone. Getting past the last jets in this first passage after you come out from the alcove with the lockers can be deceptively challenging especially as you're facing a corner around which you can't see; it's helpful to know that there is a "safe zone" before the final two jets in this hallway where you can safely wait for them to deactivate, letting you continue.

Now head left around the corner, giving the jet firing in the open area a wide berth, you will be facing a ramp with a final set of jets. Don't rush in, just be patient and wait for them all to stop firing before running past them up and to the left where you will cross a catwalk to get to engineering power control.

Once you restore power to Engineering, luckily the jets will be disabled. You have only one thing left to do, to shut down the VI. Head back to the main hub, activate the power and the VI will come to full power. It will attempt to upload itself to the Normandy's mainframe. Shut it down before it has a chance to do so, and the Assignment ends.


How to unlock N7: Abandoned Research Station


Enemies found on N7: Abandoned Research Station

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N7: Abandoned Research Station Rewards

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N7: Abandoned Research Station Notes & Tips

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